Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to reality

So I'm back and it's 30 minutes to midnight. I ought to be resting after a long day of traveling and there. Shall drop a short note before I head to bed. 

The trip has been pretty alright. I was really relaxed. Thinking of nothing everyday and just eating, sleeping and relaxing. Even though occasionally I was checking out my inbox for new work emails. (I ought to be prepared for the work tomorrow.) 

I hope my dear boy had fun and will have fun for the rest of the week. May you get a good posting of where you will be happy with. (: Whatever that comes your way I'd be here with and for you. (:

Before I end off, would like to dedicate to my beloved BFFs:

Allynn: Jiayou for your work alright, may I flick away all your moodiness and mood swing! Major love for you!

Eileen: Understand that school has been really stressing and everything else isn't going too smooth. Just want to tell you to jiayou and we're always here behind you! I will flick away your stress by being nonsense and cheer you on. Jiayou Eileen! Woosh! Major love for you!


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