Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy birthday everyone!

It's everyone's birthday today! Happy birthday!

If you're non-chinese, let me explain. On the 7th day of CNY, it's deemed as "human-day" (direct translation) hence it means it's the day where everyone grows older by 1 year old! Okay, the-end.

Decided to take a break from my textbook and here I am. If only posting online forum discussion was this easy like blogging. (dream on)

So yes, I've enrolled into uniSIM and I'm pursuing Bsc Business. Finally, I'm taking my degree. I hope to complete within the next few years (hopefully 3) and finally be a degree holder. Which also means I'd be appearing lesser here cause my life will be alot more stagnant and boring as compared.

First up, FA. (kill me please)

Went over my cousin's place on Thursday after work at Sembawang.

Meet awesomely cute Kimberly!

Friday was my first day at class, I felt abit awkward but it's alright I guess. Gotta get used to it. This coming Friday will have to come back myself and go school myself! Be more independent YY!

Finally got to see my boy on Saturday. He came over to fetch me for breakfast at Yakun. (my favourite, I seriously boycott Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe). Headed over his place to bai nian with his parents. Went out for lunch together at Tampines 1 for his dad's belated birthday lunch (happy birthday uncle!)

Met up with Joel and Jian Rong later for Journey 2 at Century Square! It's not bad, probably a 4/5?

Went over to Jasmine' place after which!

Must self shot. HAHAHAHAHHAHAH. 

Bus-ed home after that because boyfriend went to meet his friends. (bad boyfriend spotted *JK*)

Studied till about 2-3am, headed to bed.

Lovely boy came over again this morning to deliver....

Awesome Korean cereals!

We had a short breakfast and Cold Storage trip and parted ways as I had a date with my family. (bye-bye boyfriend :()

Didn't manage to take all the dishes though. Watch dance dance dragon at AMK Hub. It's.............. Not very nice la, so you can just watch online or buy CD. :/

Okay, my head is spinning and I shall go sleep before it hits midnight.

Good nights!

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