Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Of course I have to pen something down on this very day because it's a personal day that I call it mine! (even though I'm not the only one having this day as my birthday in the world, but nevermind, it's still considered mini day of me)

I recall about 7 years ago (which I was.. 15 years old, shit, I'm super old now.) my birthday was on the first day of Chinese New Year. Well 7 years later, it's once again my birthday have to clash with Chinese New Year. But this time it's the eve of Chinese New Year. After much thought, I think I would rather it be on the first day then the eve of CNY. Well.. first day of CNY, I get to go out with all my relatives, everyone wishes me 'Happy Birthday' and of course not to mention my angbao would usually have some additional notes. But you see this year it falls on the eve.. I have to first, cook some rice (to leave it overnight. It's auspicious I guess.) then I have to sweep and mop for one last time before the big day comes. Then at night I'd have to go over to my uncle's place for reunion dinner as always. (it's fun actually to join my uncle's family because of my cousins!) then rush home at before 11pm to remove some auspicious banner from the door and then start to countdown with the TV programme and shortly after sleep. It has always, been this routine, which I highly think it'd be the same tomorrow. But one thing for sure I'm glad is that this ain't my 21st. (that's a major phew*)

I'm really thankful that even though it's extremely close to CNY but my lovable clique, friends and colleagues took some time off their schedule to prepare, arrange and attend to me. (: I appreciate all the attention spent on me for this special occasion to me. No words can express my gratitude to everyone whom have wished, celebrated and spent this 22nd year of my life with me. I LOVE YOU ALL! (sends thousands of hugs & kisses to flood everyone)

Okay, I'm done with yakking my speech and I shall go on to my pictures.

So on 20 January 2012, the clique went to Chang Korean BBQ at Iluma for dinner!


Awesome peppermint ice cream!

Thank you awesome girls! *xoxo*

Thank you all for coming! *xoxo*

So here's the present....

Super excited face.

Slowly opening it up...

Keep guessing what's inside but refuse to open up the present...

Finally I got it right and this picture is damn shitty for me but still I'd post it.!

Wei Li tried to steal it away from me cause I guarded it with my life.

Finally, this is it!


We got more loots from BKK from Ally!

Thank you Michael, Allynn, Eileen, Kun Rong, Lionel, Keith, Wei Li, Pei Shan, Dennis and Chris for the present and dinner together! (Including Zhi Hong whom had to protect us when we were enjoying) Heartfelt thank you to every single one of you. xoxo!

Good bye old wallet! I'd miss you! And hello Kate Spade!

21 January 2012, just one day before my birthday!

So today I am extremely good because I cleared my room, cleaned up my table, mopped the floor and threw away all the outstanding rubbish that was piling up at the corner of my room. (thumbs up for self)

After which I bus-ed over to Tampines. Bought some home-favourite Nonya pineapple tarts for Michael's parents. His dad made awesome pandan cake for me too!

About 7plus we headed out to meet the rest and had dinner together at this place near east coast.

My first 'lou hei' for the year of 2012!

This always happens. Poor cleaner.

So for all the food it was about $150.30 for each person was roughly $14!

Ignore the 2 at the back please.

Once again, annoying Lin Xun.

My boyfriend's part time boyfriend.

Lin Xun bought this.

Thank you all! *xoxo*

It was a very pleasant surprise that this CNY dinner ended with a birthday cake for me. Thinking back it has been 4 years since I knew this bunch of awesome people. I am really grateful and happy that I've slowly became and becoming a part of this big happy family. I can't thank you all enough for the pleasant surprise. (sends xoxo once again) Thank you Michael, Jasmine, Joel, Jian Rong, Lin Xun, Min Er, Ridwaan, Kian Loon, Berlinda and Ben.

Thank you Jasmine for the lovely OPI nail polishes! (It's my first)
I've painted my nails with these awesome OPI nail polishes! Thank you Jasmine!

Not forgetting my awesome colleagues whom gave me present and a nicely made card with very sweet words in it. (Although the cover keep saying I'm older)

Thank you! But I like Burberry better. (Just Kidding, heheheh)

Thank you Jaamie, Erinn, Elis, Vivien, Elben, Joan and Alice for the angbao and card (by Jaamie) and words by all of you. Thank you for making life at work so much more fun and happy. I'd never forget you all! (sends xoxo to everyone!)

Lastly, thank you my love for this present. I'm really happy. It's not the value of the gift but the thoughts and effort put into getting it. I really love it, and thank you very much.

I feel very 'atas'.
Sibei chio bottle!

And I hope this blog post gets longer and longer!


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