Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

First off! Awesome news! My cousin's girlfriend, Valeska managed to fix my home button plus my screen and now it's working perfectly fine. Thank you for helping me to fix it! (it's my birthday present from her!)

So.... first 2 days of CNY just passed like that. Now it's about close to 1am but I'm still awake. I was checking out my course modules and notes (which freaked me out badly) and now I'm finally getting sleepy. Not that I'm not tired but I guess the notes and discussion board gave me ample worries to keep me awake. Been away from books for quite a long while (because RP doesn't have textbook and it's all base on case scenarios hardly much theories till the later part of the schedule). Kind of not confident but I guess I just have to give it my best shot!

So CNY has been good for me even though I do feel sad that majority of my colleagues are on leave and majority of my relatives are going for a morning yum-cha tomorrow morning (our usual routine) but I'm unable to join (sucks to be me).

CNY first day is always a visit to at least 2 or 3 temples around Singapore before heading over to my 2nd uncle's place at Pavilion View for steamboat dinner.

Mom wanted to take a nap hence we chose to seat behind at the sofa.

Thank you bro! For sending us around!

Tired mom. (chio purple top and jeans from Kiyo!)

Bro inside for some 'fortune telling'

So while waiting for my relatives and bro....

Permed hair! (kind of a bad hair day for him)

Adorably cute Wei Wen.

This is how your iPhone looks. (she's in the process of fixing my home button though.)

So the second day started off slightly earlier than the first. Was suppose to head over to my big aunt's place at Sembawang but change of plans over to my big uncle's place at Yishun. After that was my 3rd aunt's place right beside us and than straight to my 2nd uncle's house again. (our house was skipped though)

Spent the entire afternoon helping with the setup and preparation for the night buffet/BBQ/home-cooked feast.

So buffet, home-cooked at the side and BBQ where my bro is standing.

This is where I had my dinner for the past 3 days since CNY eve. LOL!

Night ended with alot of kids roaming on the first floor. Given for someone like me whom isn't really popular with kids, I've chose to stay up at level 3 or the roof top. (which explains why no adorable kids pictures. *boo*)

Alright, it'd really late and I'm snacking. (this is bad.)


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