Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year!

Oh look, it's 2012! Happy new year everyone! Did you had a great countdown? I sure did! I countdown-ed peacefully at Yishun Orchid Condominium with a bunch of awesome people.

Maybe 5 years ago I would be at town, squeezing with people just to see the fireworks and enjoy the atmosphere. But 5 years later, I'm peacefully passing my 2012. I like it better this way. Well, it's not the place, it's always the people that matters the most.

This year we had a mini BBQ session with about 13-14 people. It was a cozy gathering I would say. Thank you to those whom contributed in cooking, starting up the fire, packing, ordering, cleaning the food and those whom volunteered to purchase drinks and finger food together. We had great cooks, great company and everything ended well. This year I got gift exchange from my love! It means I have 2 presents from him this year! The night ended pretty early and that's why 2:19am and you see me blogging here. (I got home about 15-20minutes ago) Well before I head to bed, I would like to end my 2011 nicely...

Thank you mom & bro for everything in 2011. I may not have been the best daughter/sister but I hope in 2012, may both of you have good health and bro you have a good career ahead. (Please shower me with more allowance and presents. TYVM)

Thank you my BFFs, Allynn & Eileen for everything in 2011. May Allynn have a great fat pay raise and Eileen have awesome results and get a awesome job. Most importantly to be happy and healthy throughout 2012.

Thank you my colleagues (my awesome lunch khakis and a few others) for everything in 2011. May our 'hell' be less taxing and to whoever that's intending to leave us, do keep in touch!

Thank you for everyone else that made a difference in my 2011. (The list will go on and on if I were to mention everyone so please bear with me) May all of you have a awesome 2012!

Last for the best, thank you my awesome boyfriend, Michael for tolerating all my nonsense, tantrums and temper in 2011. Please continue to tolerate them. (I'm just kidding)  May 2012 be a good year for us.

2011 has been a roller coaster ride for me. Though not everyday ended well but in a whole it had been good. May the next one be even better then before.

Hello 2012!

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