Sunday, January 8, 2012

Officially, over!

It's was about 5:45am this morning I woke up to prepare for my boy's Passing Out Parade (POP). Managed to reach Marina Bay floating platform before 7:40am but the amount of people was horrible. Thanks to Eileen who was there earlier, gave us a heads up about the traffic and we hence avoided it.

Quickly found a seat and settled down. Lin Xun joined us later while Joel and Jian Rong went to find parking lots first. The sun was terrible but the view was beautiful.

The whole parade started at about 8:00am sharp and ended roughly 1.5 hours later. It was really huge as there was 19 companies in all. And they were extremely, smelly. Finally it's over and we squeezed our way through to find recruit Ngiam at the very very corner of the platform.

Meet the recruit Ngiam with his buddies! Left: Joel, Michael, Ridwaan, Jian Rong, Lin Xun (Behind)

I'm glad it's finally over for him and I'm really proud that he have completed the entire BMTC training with pride and honesty. (If you know what I mean) I'm proud of you my love! (:

Now it's time to enjoy before the fun is over.


//edited @ 1:20pm, 8 January 2012

Left: Michael, Leonard, Hui Bin

3 Taurus with a Ninja Left: Hui Bin, Leonard, Boon Kiat, Michael

Joyce & I with a bunch of boys at the back being annoying

Left: Joyce, Me, Natasha, Vivien

Thank you Joyce for the picture!

Yes, Lin Xun was being annoying.


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