Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Post party syndrome

It's back to work again and I'm so.... tired. You know my in-tray literally cracked. I'm serious. My colleagues were joking about it. The amount of files and papers... I think 10 trees were killed in the process of cracking my in-tray. I shall skip the work part because it's boring.

So on 31 December 2011, I spent my last few moments of 2011 with some awesome people. Thanks to Dennis for the venue. Thanks for Allynn, Eileen for ordering and coordinating the food. Thanks to Chris, Zhi Hong, Kun Rong, Pei Shan, Keith and Lionel for getting the raw food together. Thanks to Brandon, Michael, Wei Li for attending and making the whole BBQ a complete one. Pictures credit thanks to Allynn. (Please view @ our facebook)

2011 has been a good year and 2012 will be even better.

We count down silently and slightly passed 1am we dispersed home. It was a slow and cozy night.

1 January 2012, the first day of 2012 I had a wonderful night with my MFOB classmates. (Music Forest Ocean Butterflies) Even though it's been close to 4 months since we 'graduated' from MFOB but we are still putting in effort for each meet ups and I'm glad. (;

So we had our gathering at Helen's place which is at Pioneer. Before that I was at Tampines... so I took from literally one end to another. Once is enough though.

Let me introduce to you...........


Meet adorable 黑 (Xiao Hei )!

He is actually very adorable even though he looks kind of stern here. Maybe he's just camera shy.

Helen makes awesome drinks and including this awesome cocktail, I drank about 5-6? I can't resist cause it's just way too nice. She's a gifted mixer!

Loads of snacks after pizza!

Finally for gift exchange! (Mine's the one with Aussino bag!)

Meet the MFOB people. (Please pardon my shitty camera) Let me introduce to you the awesome bunch of singers. Left: Si Rong (Our best singer), Rachie, Ruo Xin, Ashton (Our awesome 'cute' size teacher), Peggy, Yong Kang, Me, Ting Qiang (Behind me), Helen, Daniel, Pei Lin (Our 班长)

And the night ended at about 1am and our awesome teacher sent us kids all home safety.

I spent my 2 days well and not to forget....

Thank you for the lovely presents. Top: Gift exchange (From my boyfriend, how coincidental he picked me) Bottom Left: Allynn's card, thank you. Pei Shan's card, thank you. Eileen's present, thank you. Thank you all for the awesome gifts! (:

I would like to specially thank my boyfriend, whom is in NS now and we all know NS pay isn't very high but he got for me....
This. I bet it cost him so much. Thank you love!

Especially like the charms here. 
It's my first card holder and I really love it. Thank you love! (:

I still have other things to blog but.... I'd leave it for another post.


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