Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stupidity brought up to a whole new level

I'm pathetically blogging from my phone because I accidentally washed off all my data on my computer. Don't bother asking me how I did it because I completely have no idea. But what I know is I lost years of photographs, like at least 20,000 of time and not forgetting my nicely labelled 1,500 plus songs. I had to re-do my assignment because I saved it on my desktop of y computer. I did back before on my old hard disk but it mysteriously disappeared and the last time I really touched that? I think a good 1 year.

Heartache for me to lose all my photographs. They are memories for years and years, now all gone... Sigh. I hope Barry would be my savior to save my laptop.

Thank you my beloved BFFs for being there and think of solutions to help me, comfort me. Thank you Dennis and Kelvin for helping to solve and source for someone whom might be able to help me. Thank you Michael for tolerating my temper when the data was all gone.

I'm still actually very sad over it. But there's really nothing I can do, but to stay positive. Be strong data recovery, I need you to have my data inside, give me a bloody miracle. Thank you.

Am going for the airshow tomorrow. Hopefully I'd be able to take some pictures and blog. (finally something interesting).

Gotta sleep now, packed day again tomorrow.


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