Sunday, April 8, 2012

6 inches

Today is quite a memorable day for me because I snapped off 6 inches of my hair. Well... yes, to many it's nothing big because it's just hair. But for those whom know me, asking me to cut my hair is like wanting my life. Well, I've decided to take my BFFs advice and get a fresher look. So... to start off, a bid good bye to my long hair. I'd miss the times I get frustrated of drying my hair, and the times when it brushes against my thighs when I sit on the floor cross legged. Not forgetting when my hair gets 'giap' while trying to zip up my dresses.

A picture for memory!

I'd miss my long hair very much. :'( 

I was really contemplating hard and hope that I won't regret cutting 6 inches away. But it turned out to be alright because 6 inches from my very long hair wasn't too bad. So.... I ended up with a very short pony tail now. Having my hair barely touching my arms. They used to be us at my butt so... it's really a very big difference for me.

Ignore my hands because I wanted to show the length of my hair, that's all.
Hopefully I'd have the courage to dye my hair. I don't have a very good hair base to start with hence have always been very careful with the hairstyle I chose. No more layering this time round, heavy and thick hair for a change. Hopefully, I'd grow to like this. 

Hooray to shorter time for hair to dry!

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