Thursday, May 31, 2012

2 more days...

Time really flies when you're 'enjoying'. You can say that I'm savouring this time now that I have left though it's not actually happy everyday. I try not to be too bothered about her tricks but unfortunately sometimes it gets on my nerves. I've ought to learn to control this nasty temper of mine and it'd definitely do me good. 

Busy schedule for this coming week at work. Breakfast with mid boss tomorrow. Lunch with another colleague. Friday's lunch with my own boss and that marks my end of the journey. Though I miss my colleagues alot, but I guess it's no point dwelling about this anymore. 

I'd post up their pictures and make a folder all these memories inside, all my happy memories. 

Alright.. It's getting pretty late. And I'm very tired. Good nights world.

Oh, and happy birthday to my BFF's mom. May she be youthful and happy always. 

Good nights y'all!

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