Saturday, May 26, 2012

Humans are selfish

Finally, my exams are officially over and I believe today was the last day of examination for most of my schoolmates. And, today's the first day of Great Singapore Sales! *double hoorays!*

My life have been.....

Wake up -> Eat -> Shit -> Work -> Home -> Study -> Eat again -> Shit again -> Study again -> Sleep

Basically it was this boring routine for the past 1 month when I was preparing for my exams in May. Now that it's over, it's time to have some fun before the next school term starts and the cycle repeats again. Assignments, lectures...... so on.

So today marks 5 working days left before I officially leave my current workplace. It's kinda of mixed feeling right now because I'm getting pissed off every single day by the same person over 3456767283462873657325 different thing but at the same time I'm cherishing every moment I have with the colleagues I love, and will miss when they're gone. More like when I'm gone.


Meet up with my BFFs today, (like finally.) Thanks for making the effort to meet up often to keep our friendship strong!

Went ahead with Skinny Pizza today @ Wheelock. The food is not bad, would give a rating 8/10. But perhaps a little tad too pricey. We had 2 pizzas, 1 pasta and 1 dessert. Total damage was $90/- nett. So each about... $30? But I was so full till I felt like puking. Hahaha.

Great companion, great meet up and I had a great time laughing my ass off. Laughed till my mouth cramped and my stomach couldn't take the tension. Nonetheless, thanks for the awesome night babes. Loveeeeeeee!

And here's a picture of us, ending the night.

Good nights everyone.

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