Sunday, June 3, 2012

A new beginning...

So this was it. Friday was my last day at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital as a HR assistant. It has been a fruitful 1.5 years even though some people and certain incidents aren't worth remembering. But still, I had my fair share of love and friends. I'd definitely miss all of them.. Especially those whom I hold closely at heart.


I'm beginning my new work on next Monday. (Completely never take break #letired) Was afraid that if I took a break then I'd be pretty lazy to continue working and I can't really afford to lose a weeks' salary so....... Yeah. Ain't gonna mention where I'm heading till probably when I've resigned, haha. Which I hope it'd never happen. It's kind of tiring to be shifting and moving to new environment so I really hope that this is the right place for me. May the best be with me. Mom was telling me that first day of work need to bring everything new so that I don't bring the 'suayness' I had in KTPH over to my new company. New bag, new wristlet (so glad my colleagues bought me one!) and new dress! I hope Monday's a good start for everything!


Met up with Joyce & Bin today. (like finally!) Had dinner at town together before heading Jurong for Natasha's birthday party. Jurong's seriously too complicating and far man. We took at least 45 minutes to reach her place from town. (cause we got lost.) After that was chilling at Starbucks at Changi Airport and home sweet home! It felt like a 'turn left turn right' episode for me and Eileen because when she was at Tampines, I left Tampines for Katong. When I was at Jurong, she was at Changi Airport. When I was at Airport, she was at Panjang already. #notfated :( Had a great night and suddenly it felt like I've not seen my BFFs in a long time. #missingthem

Had a long chat with Joyce like as if we've been friends for years. We clicked off really when and it's really awesome! :) More double dates to come!


3am and I'm not really tired. Must be the Mocha Frap. I'm seriously getting lousier. I used to be able to sleep even if I had coffee but now... I'm wide awake. #selfpawned

Okay, I'm gonna EDMW till I'm tired and head to bed. Ciao!

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