Monday, June 25, 2012


25 minutes till it's the last week of June 2012. So quickly, it's going a month since I left KTPH. I'm still adjusting to the new environment because I'm too used to having so many lunch khakis and yes, so much more laughter and fun. Times may have been tough and disturbing but I still miss those times spent with my ex-colleagues. Namely my 7 flowers, my gmarket partners and my ladies talk. Just want to let you guys know that everyday, I'm missing you guys. <3


Haven't been to Newton Food centre for the longest time and yes, went back to celebrate Audrey's 22nd and a long awaited gathering. Attendance was good, everyone's present except Shafiq.

Photos are with Reiko so I've gotta wait for the tags in Facebook. So here's my pictures for the night.

And so the night ended at about 2 close to 3am. Really haven't laughed so hard in a long long time. Thanks to our 'muttons' (pointing to Beng & Calvin) never fail to bring endless laughters for us. <3


2 more days before she goes *sobs* (takes tissue out) so met up again for brunch. And yes, we went all the way to Tanjong Pagar for Bak Kut Teh.

Route to BKT: Walk to Yishun MRT -> Alight at City Hall -> Take bus 80 -> Alight at destination.

Total time: 11:50 to 1:15. (just for a BKT, which means it's worth it that's why)

This is the result of a late night. Tsk.

Ain't a big fan of BKT but this is pretty decent!

Wrapped up a candy box and placed all our presents inside for her. Hopefully it'd be useful for her when she goes to Korea! :)

Journey to watch I AM movie: Walk to bus stop (forgot which) take bus 167 -> alight at Park Mall -> walk over to Plaza Singapura.

I AM was only showing at 4:10pm at Plaza Singapura hence we had no choice but to go there to watch. Luckily we pre booked the tickets because it was completely packed. Not too bad and through this, I finally can recognise more SJ members. LOL. Of course SNSD is still my <3. 

Night ended early with us training back together. 


It may only be 6 weeks but rest assure we'd miss you like it's 6 years.

Have a great time there and enjoy to the max. Ain't gonna say good bye now cause we've Monday and half of Tuesday to go.

Till then.

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