Sunday, July 15, 2012


So it's July already. School's starting in a weeks' time. I'm totally not prepared for semester 2 but I'm still glad I managed to scraped through my exams and didn't had to retake any. No fantastic results but that's okay. I just need, to pass it.


Work has been fine. Pacing myself slowly, learning new things everyday. Kinda like this job so far. Probably still in honeymoon that's why.


Had Kun Rong's celebration today, it's a pity that alot of us couldn't afford to make it. Hopefully the next one would have more people. :)

Great Korean food recommended by Eileen but the service wasn't really up to standard. :/ (But the sauces for the pancake is really awesome)

Teo Heng KTV (thanks Allynn for the booking) @ Sembawang Shopping Centre till about 1AM and then we shared cab home (just like old times) :)

Short but fruitful day for me.


Sometimes... It's hard to ignore even if I wish I could be ruthless enough to end any misery brought to you.

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