Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let's go again.

I can't believe it.

First lesson is on next Monday. Monday, you know Monday? Why did May and June fly by? Argh, it's going to be Work > Home > School > Work > Home > School for the next 4 months. Another round of exams and deadlines and tons of work and school work. And yes, marathons packed @ the later part of the year. One in September another in November. (Which means to say I've to spare sometime for some healthy exercises before I get too overweight) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And yes unfortunately, I have to stop my music classes because school falls on Saturday for certain days and I can't avoid to be distracted. I barely scraped through Semester 1 with fairly okay results. (At the very least I didn't fail, I am glad) So this semester onwards is school school and more school. Thankfully my bosses don't mind us studying in during lunch hours. (thank you boss)


Met up with Allynn today for a short dinner before my school term starts on Monday. (then it'd be hard to have dinners like these together because I'd have to go to school after work. Sigh.)

Thanks for the planning and researching for awesome and cheap sushi! (:

So we tried out this new place @ city link that's call Express Sushi. All plates are at $1.50++ including free green tea, wet towels and something else I forgot. They have no menu so everything is on the convey belt. You have 50 minutes to dine before your 'time' is up and you've gotta leave the restaurant. Of course, they don't chase you out even if you overshot but then again, the queue is horrible outside so just don't hog the seats.

Here's a little glimpse of the restaurant while queuing up.

We reached @ about 6:45pm and we waited for slightly close to 30 minutes before we got to go in and eat. (but  it's actually worth the wait!)

Finally @ 7:15~7:20pm we got in! Yay! So excited tell you. Lols! Haven't had sushi in a long long time and it's so cheap can? Sakae increased their prices so ridiculously! 

So there you help yourself with the free green tea, soya sauce and utensils.

Yes this is their wasabi. Free also. Lols!


You know what's the best plate today? TAMAGO. Hahahahahahhahahahahhahaha!

Specially taken for Eileen Lim in Korea now.

Look at the queue, all the way till Asian! Horrrrrrrrible I tell you. But it's worth it.

Total bill was about $29? So each about rougly $14.50? We had so much sashimi! Each 8 plates know! Sakae would cost you more than just $29!  Worth a try!

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