Sunday, October 21, 2012

Keeping on track.

For so many times I've tried to continuing blogging like how I used to... It just didn't work out. I'd have this urge to blog for a moment and the very next I become lazy again. I used to be very enthu because I basically blog nonsense about my life every single day. But now, it's the same old shit everyday. I go to work, I go to school, I meet my friend over dinner and the same routine goes on. Hardly I have a break out of this. 

Then again, I never lost interest in "writing". I'm not a professional writer though. I can't be either. (But I'm still gonna write as and when I like, hahahahhahahahaa.)


Haven't been overseas this whole year, and it kind of really sucks. But fret not, I've plans for myself! The day to count down to is Nov 23! (Exam last day!) And then I'd be a free bird again for 1.5 months till January 3rd week my misery starts again.

Heading to Taiwan again this year end with my family but this time round with more people and more days! Before that will be travelling with "up there" clique to Batam (Our virgin overseas trip together as a clique! But only setback is Hongzi & Leen won't be joining. :( Nevermind! We'd go again!) And not forgetting the most anticipated trip in 2013! BANGKOK WITH THE GIRLS! It'd be my first time travelling with all girls. Just imagine the shopping, and shopping and more shopping! Can't wait! EXAMS PLEASE BE GONE!


Okay, gonna have a abrupt ending here. Had a long and awesome fun day with the clique. 
Good nights every buddy.

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