Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Itacho Sushi @ Plaza Singapura - Ain't going back there

It's been some time since I last experienced unpleasant dining experience. But what happened today is completely ridiculous.


Well, my mom's birthday is coming up and we thought of bringing her out for some good Japanese food. With some recommendations from friends and personal experience (first time was at Changi Airport), I decided to choose Itacho Sushi.

I made a call to ION Orchard outlet to make reservations for 4pax, but I was taken aback when the lady over the line told me that if I were to make reservations with them, I MUST spend $50 per pax and that's the minimum  She even went on to emphasis that we will have to spend at least $200 (because 4 pax) and it doesn't matter if we take away or what, all they bothered was we had to spend $200. I asked if all the outlets were the same, she mentioned ONLY ION Orchard is $50 per pax, while the rest is $25. So I thought, $25 is reasonable, I mean a normal set would have cost you that price. So I proceed to call Plaza Singapura, the next nearest in town.

Again, the lady over the line also emphasised the same thing. "We have to spend minimum $25 per pax, and it's our policy." Fair enough, I said okay, I understood this point.

So around 7 plus, my brother reached the restaurant before I did. So when I went in, I thought I should keep him informed about this "policy" they had. To my surprise, he was pretty unhappy that the waitress told him that "do you know you need to spend at least a $100?" It was made across to him that the waitress looked down on us that we couldn't pay that $100. I mean look, yes, you people have been emphasising and emphasising. We know, okay, we know. If you need to really emphasis so much, please paste your terms & condition all over your restaurant walls.

We decided to forget about whatever that happened and went on to order our dishes. It was till the end when we really couldn't finish our sushi, we decide to packed them up. (We shouldn't be wasting food but we were really too full.) This was what happened.

My brother tried so hard to wave, to signal or whatever you want to call it to get the attention of the staff. It was so hard. We looked transparent to them. Fair enough, it was dinner time, perhaps they are busy. So when she finally came, my brother instructed her to pack both plates of sushi. So here's what she said.

"This plate (referring to the NATSU Sushi Set) can pack but this plate (referring to the promotional Salmon with Soy Sauce) cannot pack because it's promotional item."

I asked why.

"Oh because it's promotional item so we do not allow you to take away."

I said, why such policy.

"Oh it's our policy here."

I said, get your manager here.

So within a minute, the manager came. I asked the same question. Why cannot pack.

"Oh, promotion items are only for dine-in cannot take away."

So I told her, this isn't even considered as take away. I've dine-in and I can't finish it. Do you expect me to stuff myself with the food or you expect me to leave the sushi here and let you throw away?

Guess what?

"Yes, you cannot take away. Yes. (Referring to my "throwing away"). This is our policy and that's why we always advise our customers to eat the promotional sushi first."

1     The service staff that served us, DID NOT tell us that we have to EAT THAT FIRST or else they will throw away if we can't finish it.

2     She is a manager. Is this how they train their managers to answer? I asked her if she expects me to throw away the sushi if I was really so bloated and full and I can't finish my meal, and she said yes. Omg, so wonderful.

3     If you have this kind of "policy" shouldn't you make known to your customers like how you EMPHASISED YOUR RESERVATION "POLICY/RULES/REGULATION"? Asked me 3 times. (Okay, to be fair, twice because I called different outlets)

C'mon Itacho. Is this how your customer service is? I'm never going back Plaza Singapura's outlet. I might consider Changi Airport but for now? Not recommending anyone there. This service I received, is just horrendous.

Someone please enlighten me.

1     Is it a norm for such reservation policies out there?

2     Have anyone gotta then same feedback as me before?

3     What's the rationale behind cannot pack my leftovers that I can't finish just because it's promotional item?

You mean what, you wanna prevent people from ordering and purposely taking it away? You already limit to 2 sushi per person. What else do you intend to do?

Anyhow, it's a horrible experience.


Oh and yes, my bill was $121.20 (Qualified for your "POLICY" okay)

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