Friday, April 12, 2013

Antoinette @ Mandarin Gallery - All Day Breakfast

Have been wanting to take a trip to Antoinette and finally, I'm here! It's pretty empty probably cause it was a weekday. I like the quietness, ambiance and the sofa chairs. Really good place to chill out over a glass of ice chocolate and their all day breakfast set. 

Flipped through the menu and spotted pancakes and I had a hard time trying to decide which one would I prefer. But I still stick to my initial plan, which is all day breakfast. 

You can view their entire menu here.

Scramble eggs with Scottish smoke salmon (Love the salmon!) *scramble eggs are additional $3

Poached egg with smoked duck breast *Poached eggs are additional $3

Scramble egg with sauteed onion and mushroom 

Antoinette's Iced Chocolate (This is a must try!) & Iced Cappuccino.

Great company and food. Will go back again to try their pancakes!

// total bill was about $82 for 3 pax.

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