Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dessert: Wimbly Lu

During one of my lunches out with the bosses, we chanced upon this place called Wimbly Lu which was located beside the restaurant that we had lunch at.

The shop looks really cozy and homely from the outside and it's only open from Tuesday to Sunday with the weekdays opening only from 1pm onwards and the weekends is 9am.

We waited for it to be opened (since it was lunch time) hence we got the freshly baked cakes and pastries!

The prices were pretty reasonable (can't remember exactly how much because it was a treat from the big boss), but roughly a cake is bout $6? A scoop of ice cream is bout $4/5? Thereabout prices for the cakes and pastries/tarts there.

It's suppose to be really good in their chocolate cakes and chocolate related tarts. We tried a few (the rest I couldn't take picture of). 

Blackout Cake. This is a awesomely rich chocolatey cake that I'm assuming should be their signature cake there since they are famous for their chocolate. So you've ought to try this.

I can't recall this dessert's name and the website don't have it because it's off the shelves in their cafe so.... It's something chocolatey with marshmallow, and it's awesome. Love the marshmallow and the tart. *yummmmmmmmmmmmms*

And I set my eyes on this the moment I went in the shop. (Pardon for the blurry photo.) This is the Rootbeer Cake. I love rootbeer, and I love cakes too. This, is like the best of both world for me. (Minus the vanilla, not a big fan but that was alright.) You could seriously taste the gasy rootbeer in your mouth when you eat the cake. You've ought to try this if you love rootbeer like me!

It's a pity I didn't get to take picture of the other desserts that my colleagues ordered cause we had to separate tables.

The bad thing about that small dessert shop is that the space is pretty constraint. And they aren't really flexible in shifting their tables around. So if you're going in a big group you might have to spilt up. Best to go in maximum 6-8 is good, anything more then that is a hassle. (We had about 16 people that day, so it was literally just us occupying almost the entire shop.)

Definitely will head back again to try the other desserts and share more photos!

Wimbly Lu is located at:
15-2 Jalan Riang, 
Singapore 358987

Operating hours from:
Tuesday to Friday - 1pm to 10:30pm
Saturday & Sunday - 9am to 11pm

You can read more at:
Facebook: Link
Website: Link

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