Saturday, April 13, 2013

Everythingwithfries @ Orchard Central

It wasn't my first time at Everythingwithfries, and I really like the fries here. The first time I went to EwF was the first outlet at Joo Chiat. Their One Egg Soup is awesomely nice and so is the Nutella Tart. (I would die for that). 

This outlet doesn't have that much selection, so head over to Joo Chiat or the Bugis outlet if you want the full main dish. Else burgers are good for you, here's good too.

Went over here a couple of days ago with my colleagues for lunch. They have this lunch set for $9.90 where you get a burger set and a choice of soft drink. 

The Slider, fresh minced beef, sauteed mushrooms and cripsy bacon under melted cheese (I suppose this is something new. Wasn't too bad)

Pork Katsu Burger with original fries. (Love their curry and original)

Beef burger.

Vanilla Crepe

The holy Nutella Tart. (You have to eat this, instantly happy.)

Go during lunch time, it's pretty worth it. (Doesn't include the desserts but you get dessert at $5 instead of $5.90 with a set meal purchased.)

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