Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy birthday lil' Dayrius!

Decided to have a personal post to wish my bro's little precious a happy birthday!

Still remember when he first came to this year bout a year ago, he was absolutely adorable (and still is). I wish he would still be the same like before. (He wouldn't cry no matter who was carrying him. Now the moment we try to carry, he cries. Shucks.) 

We were invited to Fo You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (佛有缘素食餐厅) that was located at 153/155 Kitchener Road. The nearest carpark is at City Square mall. On Sundays you could just park along the stretch near Mustafa/Swee Choon and walk over to this restaurant. It's together facing the road with other restaurants at a stretch of old shop-houses. 

Waited for awhile before the food was served. Meanwhile we had were playing with our star of the day! Here's some snap shots taken by Dennis of little Dayrius and us.

This is ought to be my favourite photo of him. Little mischievous caught in the act.

And kids will never fail to love electronics somehow.

A good shot of Allynn with Dayrius trying to grab the camera.

Trying to open up PS's wallet for the first time.

The food was good, I like the vegetables and the olive rice. Not sure if the normal daily served dishes would be the same but those that were prepared for Dayrius's birthday was good. 

It was a good catch up with Barry and Yi Ning after awhile and glad to see little Dayrius growing so healthily day by day! Can't wait for you to know how to speak! 

Side note, Kimberly (my adorable niece) really amazes me when she speaks. I find it really fascinating listening to kids mumble and ask questions and talk. But of course when they don't know how to stop and start crying, I will go crazy. 

Thank you for the invite, and happy birthday again lil Dayrius! Hope you had enjoyed yourself with us playing with you! Don't throw too much things at home okay! (:

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