Thursday, April 18, 2013

Travelogue: Legoland and KSL Hotel & Resort @ Malaysia

A few months ago we bought a groupon deal at $98 for 2D1N stay at KSL Resort and Hotel and entrance with transport to and fro Leogland in Malaysia. We thought the deal was pretty worth it cause according to my brother, KSL is supposedly the better hotel in Johor Bahru. As we didn't get the coach tickets to JB, Joel drove instead. (Thanks for the ride!)

It wasn't too long before we reached our destination!

Meet my sexy lady, and a little elephant.

What a lounge name. Anyway, the lobby looks pretty awesome.

A very huge counter, with only 2 staff. Well done.

Awesomely big room with 2 beds!

And this is their internet access slip that you can get from the counter upon check-in!

We were supposed to get transfer, and over at the counter when J and M got the tickets, the fellow assured that it's all booked and prepared but end up................. nothing was arranged. *Pissed to the max* But what to do? We still have to head to Legoland, so we took a cab there.

So people, if you're like us, need to grab a cab, this is the amount that you should be paying for. (Or at least I don't think this driver took big turns cause we board from our hotel.)

Entrance of a very empty themepark....

I miss the chocolates on top. :(

And..... it was pretty empty. 

Pretty babe!

So, this is how big the themepark was, and as you can see... very empty.

Ignore the faces. Tsk!

Tsk. Hahahaa.

This was the only ride we took twice, the rest that had to do with water or kiddy rides, we didn't bother taking. And there's no queue at all. How I wish USS was like that.... 

Hugeass birds, all over the store.

The only bad thing about legoland is that it's right in the middle of no where, so it's freaking sunny.

The groupon deal included a 10RM food voucher for us to use, so we combined it and bought 2 meals!

Very crumpled and lonely looking hot dog.

This, was the cab driver we randomly got. (Use at your own risk)

Not bad my selca. Hahahaahhahaa!

And after a long day, we headed over for some Bak Kut Teh!

The night shortly ended at the Twilight lounge where we had a couple of beers and slacked the night through.

Overall the trip was alright except for the booboo in the transport to legoland. We didn't had to waste about $15 on cab fare each if the transport was properly arranged by the agency. We wanted to pursue it further when we come back but we decided to drop it since it's no point and anyway the agency probably won't do anything to compensate us. We'd just glad that it was a short and nearby trip.

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