Sunday, April 7, 2013

Little Pancakes @ Upper Thomson Road

This is where you find miniature pancakes! Little Pancakes are located at 200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-04, Thomson Imperial Court. (Beside the ShengSiong).

I went to little pancakes on actual Valentines' Day and it was hell packed. We waited for 45/50 minutes before we got our pancakes. I was kinda worried that our wait would not be worthwhile but thankfully, it was quite worth it. Both of us had a drink each and 2 mains, it was about $30ish (can't recall the exact price but thereabout).

This is the breakfast set, under the savoury section. I love every single thing on this plate. The pancakes, the scramble eggs, the mash potato, the honey and the sausages.... Gosh, I need to go back again.

This is about the same as mine just that no scramble eggs and got cheese!

If you haven't tried, you ought to try. Really, it's so miniature and cute and tasty!

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