Sunday, April 21, 2013

Maki-San @ The Cathay

This is a very interesting sushi concept that I am assuming it's the first in Singapore. So they are located at the basement of The Cathay, just down the escalator and walk straight you'd not miss their banner wrapped around the pillars.

You can either take out or dine here!

I really like their boxes cause it's very pretty!

Just so you know, they only accept cash!

Here's how the sushi maki looks like!

This is my mega san (the sizing) sushi! It has the following items:
Sweet Corn
Roasted Mushroom
Kani Crabstick
Salmon Sashimi
Bonito (Fish flakes)
Wasabi Mayo 

Wrapped with traditional  nori & Japanese white rice!

It's really amazing right! Everything into this tiny little maki. So how does it work?

For the benefit of those who have not been there before, here's the latest menu. (Apparently they have 3 sizing now)

Maki-san allows you to "pre-order" first and collect at a later timing. Which I feel is really good cause you don't have to wait for your sushi to be made. There's only 2 chefs so if the queue is long and everyone's order is customized... You should know what it means. 

So let's say you're working nearby and you know you'd be dropping by for a movie or dining in later just in case of long queue, you can order and pay first, give them a timing that you'd like to collect it then off you go! When you return later to collect your sushi, it's just grab and go! How convenient! 

I must say the maki is really tasty even though I feel it's a little pricey. But well, you pay for the customization.

It's definitely worth a try!

They are located at:
The Cathay
2 Handy Road
Singapore 229233
Facebook: here
Website: here

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