Thursday, April 4, 2013

Open Door Policy @ Yong Siak Street

Just a couple of weeks back, I went to Open Door Policy. I had never heard of this place before and thanks to Kelvin, we made a visit to this place. 

They are located at 19 Yong Siak Street, just right opposite Forty Hands (which was a pity that I could only see the cafe without lights cause they had closed by the time I got there) and beside it was Books Actually. 

Well the place is really, vibrant and noisy with a open kitchen concept. We could see the chef at work and the entire place was just, noisy. I can't recall how much was the exact bill but it was about $180++ for the 3 of us. We had salad, 3 main dishes and 3 dessert. I would say it's kinda worth it cause it was delicious. (Especially my dessert, totally enjoyed it.) 

Here's some pictures to share with you!

Caesar salad with odp dressing, smoked chicken, jamon and ortiz anchovies @ $20. Loved the eggs inside.

 Braised duck ragout with pappardelle pasta and smoked tomato sauce @ $25. (This was my main course.) I know it looks like a small portion but was pretty filling, at least for me.

48 hour braised beef cheek with mochi potatoes, carrot puree & pea tendrils @ $29.

The ODP burger with all the trimmings, garlic fries and japanese mayonnaise @ $27 (Just incase you're wondering with patty, it's beef.)

Caramel crème brûlée @ $18. I must say it's really worth it cause it's really a big portion, and not forgetting very tasty.

Chocolate and pistachio soufflé with crème anglaise @ $18. According to Kelvin, it's really hard to make this, and they made it well. He enjoyed his souffle. 

Poached peaches with walnut crumble and pistachio ice cream @ $18. And of course, best for the last, my dessert. Everything about this was freaking awesome. 6/5 stars for this!

It was a great meet up and the night ended with us stuffed with happy food. 

For the convenience of you, here's the full menu.

//Thanks Bro for the dessert treat!


  1. Aiseh, got blog sia! All about yummy food, lol!

    1. Had it long ago.. Just you see, a little dead. :p