Thursday, April 25, 2013

Strictly Pancakes @ Prinsep Street

I'm very sure that Strictly Pancakes is not a new name to many of you but well, it was my first time there after procrastinating for sometime that I wanted to try this place. 

PS made a reservation for us (thankfully she did because the queue was horrendous when we arrived) and they require you to have 70% attendance before they allow you to enter. 

Previously I blogged about Little Pancakes which you can find the link here. Comparing between the both, I can't decide because the flavours and styles are pretty different. But if you had to make me choose, I've vote for Little Pancakes. For both trips to each place, I was asked to wait 30-45 minutes for their pancakes so the waiting time makes no difference. The prices I would say Little Pancakes is more value for money. As for the quality of the pancakes.... Michael says that Strictly is better then Little Pancakes but to me I prefer the smaller one cause it's cuter and easier to eat. Of course, Strictly isn't too bad too. Up to personal preference! 

There's just one more place that I wish to go and that's Nook's DIY Pancakes! Hopefully I'd be able to share with you guys when I finally get to go there. 

So their syrup was really watery.................. but their salted butter was good.

I didn't get to try their herb butter but I guess PS really loves it.

This is the garlic buttered prawns under the savoury section of the pancakes, $14. (I would say it's one of the best there)

Here's a top view of it.

Here's choosing your own pancake set. If you don't like any of the combination, you can choose your own on what you want to eat.

Snuggle up is 2 huge sausages wrapped together with just toothpicks. It's quite stupid cause in the end I just remove the sticks and ate them separately. Nothing was inbetween of them, $13 for this.

Well, accordingly to Lionel, this was really good. Chicken A La King, $13.

Super filling and fat looking potato pancake. The potato is inside the pancake, and this is $12.

Potato wedges were superb, $6

Chicken wings are awesome too, $8.

Beef Skewers at $14.

I realized non of us made a choice for the sweet ones. Savoury doesn't go wrong cause sweet ones might just make us sick over the thick pancakes after a few bites. 

Overall, it was alright, I would go back again if the queue isn't that horrible or beforehand I've reserved. I refuse to queue for it. 

Missing little pancakes right now. Need to go back there soon!

Strictly Pancakes is located at:
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674

81 Upper East Coast Rd
Singapore 455220

Opening Hours:
Mon:         1800 - 2200*
Tue - Thu: 1130 - 2200*
Fri:                 1130 - 0000**
Sat:                 1000 - 0000**
Closed from 1600* -1800
Sun:                 1000 - 2200*
Closed from 1600* -1800

Their website: Link

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