Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beauty: Bellabox for Month of May

This should probably be the 2nd last Bellabox that I will be receiving cause the subscription that I was gifted by Michael is 6 months. I hope the last one would be a better one!

So here's my box for the month of May. As usual, my favourite is the perfume!

And this is a summary of what I've gotten this month. 

So this is everything that was packed in the box.

Spread them all out for easy viewing.

Model Co Lipgloss, $23

It's really quite big since we're only suppose to get sample sized items. 

Lavin Me Eau De Parfum, 50ml $108.

It's the usual mini sized one, so far the best was Taylor Swift's. The sample size was really huge.

And this is the bonus item (cause usually only given 5 items per month) which is quite useless for me.

Model Co Eyepencil, $23

It's stated that is is smudge proof, and won't budge but.............. no. I tried it the next day and it smudged on my upper eye lids and it's not really as fantastic as it seems. Through the day the color kinda goes missing, so... Nah, not paying $23 for this. My gel Maybelline eyeliner is only $16.90, and it doesn't smudge. 

The Lash Card, 10pcs $8.90 (which is 89cents per card)

Well... it's of course something good to use for beginners but I would not pay $8.90 for 10 pieces of this.

Dr Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask, 10 pcs $15.90

I haven't tried it but I personally like Tony Moly maskes... So maybe when I'm done using those maskes then I might consider using this.

I'm assuming this should be also a freebie that's not included in the 5 items monthly.

Overall for this month........ Not very happy bout it. The only good thing is probably the perfume? And the rest..... nah. I just hope June would be better then this. 

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