Monday, May 27, 2013

Cafe Mosaic: Carlton Hotel Singapore

It was my first time at Carlton Singapore. It was a Saturday afternoon hence we went to Cafe Mosaic for a lunch cum high tea session.

The variety of food for lunch wasn't too amazing. I was pretty disappointed that the sashimi only offered Salmon. I was expecting at least Tuna too.

They had a salad bar (which wasn't too bad, they had a wide variety of toppings for you to mix and match your own), a sushi bar which was pretty disappointing too. The variety is just too little. Dessert section wasn't too bad but there wasn't any macaroons. (There were some macaroons for display purposes at that section but during lunch there wasn't any to be seen) 

Did not take any photos of those cooked food. The usual like fishes, chicken, beef etc. Oh they have Hainianese Chicken Rice (which honestly was not bad), Laksa, Lor Mee and 3 kinds of Dim Sum which was disappointing too.

Overall the food was alright, nothing really fantastic about (perhaps dinner would have more variety) but what was really good was that they have story telling sessions for kids, oh and kids under the age of 8 dines for free. They gave out free balloons and even had a kids baking session for you to participate in. They are all free when adults dine in. It's really good for parents whom wish to have their kids occupied and enjoy their high tea with friends.

Look at the amount of balloons that Kimberly was given.

I particularly like this one though. Hahha, Hi Octopus.

So the kids would first start off by having a story telling session that is about 30-45 minutes. Next would be the baking session for the kids.

Here's little Kimmy waiting for the batter to be ready.

Used to be really hard taking a photograph with her but now it's not that tough anymore!

Here's this cheeky little girl. (She's only going 3 but she's so tall!)

So here she goes making her own muffins.

Here's the rest of the kids.

She particularly picked only the chocolate M&Ms cause she loved chocolates.

And after 20 minutes, it's ready! (By then Kimmy had fallen asleep in her pram after a long afternoon for her.)

Doesn't look too bad from a 3 year old! Good job Kim! :)

It was a fruitful afternoon spent with my family. We ate and ate from 12 till 4pm! I even had 2 rounds of desserts. (calories overload)

Located at 

Carlton Hotel Singapore
76 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189558

Website: here
Promotion: here

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