Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cafe: Carpenter & Cook

Here's another new location to my entry of cafes entries.

Carpenters & Cook which is located at 19 Lorong Kilat.

The entire area there is pretty quiet, not really accessible but there's bus stops nearby. Nook's is at the same stretch too. (Which is another place that I'd head over one day soon)

We went on a quiet Friday afternoon. It's free seating so I got to choose my own seats. They don't have too many big tables so going in a big group of 6 pax would be pretty troublesome. 4s is good enough.

My view from the table I chose. Right infront turn right should be the washroom.

Pretty much self service and you gotta order your own and pay at the counter. Most of the desserts and pies are displayed at the shelves.

I had a tough choice between a sweet and savory choice cause it all looked too delicious. So I made a sweet choice in the end.
Here's my Caramel Cheesecake with Walnuts

The savoury choice that I initially was interested in. Mushroom and bacon..... something I forgot. :/

Quiche, which I can't recall what name it was too.

This chocolate drink is really awesome. Ought to drink this when you go there.

Pretty much a really nice afternoon spent there. Cozy with good desserts.

Thank you Ally for the treat! :)

Carpenters & Cook is located at:

19 Lorong Kilat
#01-06 Singapore 598120

Website: here

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