Friday, May 3, 2013


We wanted to try the Hoshino Coffee that was at Plaza Singapura new wing but end up didn't manage to because the queue was just too terribly long. 9pm and the queue still had like 15-20 people? It's crazy, just like Tim Ho Wan. I'm only gonna eat it when the crowds eventually die off or when they have other outlets.

While waiting for Joyce, Michelle and I went to get our nails fixed!

Since the queue was too terribly long at Hoshino Coffee, we gave up and went for our alternative choice which was Soup Spoon. (No queue plus empty seats. Lol)

The entire night was filled with laughter, gossips, discussions, sharing, food and great company.

And we ended the night catching the last train and Starbucks with loads of crazy pictures.

Till then we meet again, xoxo.

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