Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Korean Food: Bibigo @ Raffles City

Mothers' Day was celebrated at Bibigo Hot Stone at Raffles City. (Yes I know, recently just went Joomak too, here's the link to see.)

Few weeks ago over dinner I was asking my mom what did she wanted to eat this year. So after much consideration (she usually choose Japanese) she decided to have Korean this time. Knowing that she doesn't eat much meat and prefer vegetables and rice (every single meal no rice she cannot eat, tsk) so I went to google search for new place to eat Korean food.

I chanced upon Bibigo and thought why not give this a try and so I made reservations.

It wasn't a long queue when we got there about 6:45pm. (My reservation was made at 7pm.) It wasn't a very big restaurant, with quite a normal of Koreans dining.

Sorry to whoever that lady is. Here's the interior of the restaurant.

You can see their full menu online here. Not a wide selection I would say.

I was struggling between eating sweet and spicy rice cake (my favourite) and the Hot Stone Bibimbap but I was worried that the rice cake would be too spicy and I would have nothing to eat in the end so I made the safer choice to go with the Bibimbap.

So here's my Hot Stone Bibimbap @ $16 with a choice of spicy pork and citron soy sauce sauce.

Comes in a set like this. (No like Kimchi) The pot wasn't really hot that I can stir and cook well to bring out the fragrance (unlike Watami's Bibimbap I had once, it was good).

And what made me even more disappointed was that the sauces came in instant packets. I was expecting something............. better.

And this is how it looks after being mixed up. It doesn't taste too bad but nothing to rave about.

White chicken @ $10 (I barely ate any chicken) Not worth it in my opinion.

Mom's ChickenKimchi Fried Rice @ $16. Honestly, this tasted better then my bibimbap. (so sad)

Pajeon, Seafood pancake @ $14. It was a big portion yes.... but nah. Joomak's pancake wins hands down.

Overall I feel the food was just so-so? Total for 4pax we spent close to $100 which is not worth for the food we had. I don't think I would go back again for such quality of food.

Bibigo Hot Stone
Located at several locations:

Raffles City Shopping Center

Nex Mall

Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
12 Marina Boulevard
Singapore 018982

Website: link

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