Sunday, June 23, 2013

A lifetime promise

About 2 week ago, it was a busy day for us. We were preparing for a special day to arrive. Here's to the tiny preview of the minimal decoration that was to be prepared. 

Special thanks to my uncle whom had generously allowed us to hold my brother's buffet dinner at his place. 

A day before the big day, we made a trip to my uncle's place to setup some simple decorations.

Stitch and Angel from Japan. 

Pasting, adjusting and some hanging, we're done for the photo taking area! (Real simple one though)

Here's my brother and his wife, Hazel.

Special thanks to Michael, who came over to help out too. :)

On 10 June 2013, the couple woke up early to get ready for a busy day ahead.

I love the design of the box! It's very sweet. 

Coincidentally, my brother's official photographer of the day name was also Michael. Hence, special thanks to both Michaels for fetching and helping out the entire day.

It was a long journey over to the Registry of Marriage. It's my first time there and I was kinda excited.

When we reached there, my relatives were already there, likewise for Hazel's parents and siblings. It was still early hence the phototaking craze started. Well, I'm not going to post everything here though.

So they will tell you where to wait and etc.

Here's some photo from my camera while waiting too!

My youngest little cousin, Jing Yi. The only other girl in the Low family other then me. 

Here's Jing Yi's dad, which is my 3rd uncle. 

And this is my new family.

Low family.

The entire ceremony ended roughly about an hour. We all dispersed and left the registry for my uncle's place.

My sweet auntie prepared a cake, a bouquet and a blessing red packet as present for my brother. We're indeed blessed with lovely relatives.

Cake that my auntie ordered. 

Here's the beautiful bouquet.

Besides ordering 8 large pizzas and buffet from Rasel Catering, brother also separately ordered 50 cupcakes for each guest.

I would say that their signature sherpard's pie is really awesome and as for the rest of the dishes, they are not too bad.

This is really good. It looks red and all, but trust me it's totally not spicy.

Teriyaki Chicken.

Spicy otah which I refuse to try cause it just looks too spicy.

Prawns which was not too bad.

Mixed vegetables that was a little too hard.

Love the fried food!

Thai fried fish which was good too.

And this is their signature Pie. It's really good.

At about 6pm onwards, our relatives and guest started strolling in.

And a special guest that I was awaiting was a little birthday girl!

It was Kimberly's 3rd birthday too! Happy birthday little Kimmy! (Isn't she just adorable)

She had absolutely no idea what she was holding on. Lol!

Thank you for travelling all the way down from work (my uncle stays at Bukit Batok/Gombal area and all of them are from the North), I really appreciate the effort and time spent to attend my brother's ROM buffet dinner. They are of course the best I could ask for. (with a few more whom weren't able to make it)

That's my uncle. The one whom helped us during our difficult times. The one whom would always be overly generous when it comes to ordering food for us, preparing buffets and gatherings. The one whom would invite us over every Chinese New Year without fail to eat reunion dinner with them for at least the past 10 years. The one whom we would tag along during CNY to everywhere they go. The one whom his children I regard them like my own brothers. (whom we utterly miss as they are all now in Australia, Rand, Zachary and Valeska) I know you'd never read nor know this and it would be awkward for us to say it to you, but just to let you know that we're really thankful for everything all these years. :')

I know it was a tiring day for you driving us around, carrying things, helping out and serving my relatives. Thank you for being patient with almost everything when my patience is not even 1/10 of yours. You know I don't say it often but I am thankful for everything you do. (I just don't want to say it. ;))

Even though you're 8 years older then me but you always make me feel like you're 8 years younger then me. (It's true, you cannot deny) 

For the past 23 years, we fought, we quarrelled and argued. We were never on good terms. We slam doors, we throw tantrums/temper, exchange heated arguments... For the smallest thing from snatching the toilet, eating the last piece of hotdog, or who to buy lunch from downstairs to whose gonna pay for utilities whose going to do this whose going to do that and more... Suddenly, there's a change. (Though the change is a good change.) 

I refuse to admit that it kinda saddens me that you're not longer the big brother that just belongs to me. (Of course I would love to kick you aside sometimes because you're just too fat.) It's a family trait that care and concern are not conveyed with flowers and gifts but in a way that you and I know. So... <insert some blessing and care>. There, you have it. Just so you know, you can still walk into my room at 5am in the morning hugging your bolster to tell me your troubles/problems. (Just try to do it at 5pm instead of 5am, I need to sleep) 

Though you're still staying with us at least for awhile but you'd eventually have to part from us to start your own family. It sucks to have you 'separated' from us even though no one will snatch the toilet with me or ridiculously block the door so that I can't pass or do a dance infront of the toilet early in the morning just to annoy me. I do of course wish you a blissful marriage and start your own happy family. We may not have one to start of with but I'm sure you're create a happy ending. (Just remember to tell your kids not to annoy me) 

Officially, you're an uncle now even if you still play Battle Camp on iPhone. Things have changed and you have greater responsibilities now. For example like bringing me to a paid overseas trip.. or maybe you can sponsor my studies or maybe buy me dinner once a month... (I'm just kidding, but of course it's my bonus if you do.) Honestly, please take good care of your wife, your mother, your sister and your sister's hamster.

Okay, jokes side. Here's my sincere blessing to you. We both know how important a happy family means to us, and I have confidence in you that you'd make this the best ever. Till the day you have your own home, I'd still continue to annoy you to the best of my ability so that you do not forget your adorable little sister like me. Stay happy and blissful for the next 50 and counting years to come. 

Congratulations, on being an official old man now.

With love,
Your one and only sister.

Welcome to our family, Hazel. :)

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