Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kelvin the chef

I've always been asking Kelvin when he would whip up something delicious for me. (He's really a awesome chef by the way) So after my exams, he made a little promise to bring me out for dinner, and finally I got the chance to try his home cooked meal. 

It was a simple yet delicious dinner prepared by him while we were all at work. Salad with egg and cold prawns with an awesome salad dressing that we have no idea what it is, (and I forgot to take note of it except to gobble up the greens), mash potatoes that he made separately and of course, the main deal of the entire dish, the steak. I contributed some red wine to pair along with the delicious meal. 

And here's a photo of the night's highlight!

I swear it's really awesome. Blessed to have a bro like him. :D

Thank you for the delicious meal to end a horrible Monday night. Definitely am gonna pester him to cook for us again. Heehehehehhehee.

Of course, to credit the chef, here's a photo of Bro and me. (on his birthday last year)

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