Sunday, June 9, 2013

QQ Rice - Novena Square 2

Even though I've been to Taiwan before, but I never knew there was such a store call "QQ Rice". This QQ Rice reminds me of Maki San. Just that this is Chinese, Maki is Japanese.

How it works it that you get to choose out of 5 type of rice, then you can either make them into a roll or a triangle. You choose 5 different ingredients to be wrapped inside and you choose a drink to go along with it and there you have a rice roll!

So here's the different type of rice they offer. Which is supposedly to be very healthy.

Here's my rice roll! I added corn, spicy chicken floss, bacon, seaweed chicken and something else which I forgot what was it.

The outlet at Novena is pretty small but can house about 15-20 people. Or you can take away too.

This is suppose to be their signature drink!

Mine is on the left, and Agnes's on the right. I had brown rice and she tried the purple rice.

Ready made triangle rice at $2plus, can't recall the exact price.

Here's the selection of ingredients for you to choose from. Agnes told me that she did a research and most people commented that you should mix "wet" ingredient with "dry" ingredient then it'd taste nicer. I had all dry for mine and I found it alright too.

So a roll like that would cost you $4.40. 

It's pretty filling for me even though it looks very small. It's like eating mixed vegetable rice in a roll. Not bad for a try, will go back again though!

Located at:
Square 2, Novena

Website: link here

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