Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sin Chie Toke Huan - Hainanese Curry Rice @ Upper Serangoon Road

If you ask me about Curry Rice, I would most probably only remember the 剪刀剪 (Scissor Cut Scissor) at Jalan Besar. I first tried it a couple of years ago when I was working near Lavender. Sometimes during lunch we'd take a longer walk over to have lunch there. The curry is really thick and it's very nice. I do enjoy eating that even though even since I stopped working there, I stop patronizing too.

Just last Sunday on Fathers' Day. Michael's dad had this craving for curry rice and mentioned that there's this particular famous Hainanese Curry Rice @ Upper Serangoon Road. So with some googling and reading some other's reviews, we made our way down to the place. 

It's situated by the roadside so parking is really inconvenient. There's a nearby HDB multistory carpark just round the corner though. Assuming if the curry rice is on your left, then the carpark would be before you see the stall. 

I checked in the place and read some comments; majority were singing praises about their dishes. I was pretty excited when Michael and his brother was queuing up to get the dishes. 

Those extended tables and chairs belongs to the Curry Rice stall. As you can see, parking lots are available by the road side but there's only bout 5-6 of them. Either you try your luck to wait or you just park at the nearby multistory carpark.

So here's the place, look at the queue! (But it was quite fast moving, so no worries.)

Here's the spread that was available for you to choose.

The total for 5 rice and 4 dishes was about $27. I would say it's a reasonable price.

As Michael's family are Hainanese, he told he these are the dishes they would usually order. So I am not too sure what are these. 

I forgot to snap the photo of the main point, the rice. Well.. It was rather disappointing because the curry sauce was rather thin. And we had to ask twice for the curry sauce refill cause it just wasn't enough. 3/4 of our rice was not covered with the curry rice. Unlike the one at Jalan Besar, the sauce is super thick and mostly oozing out of your plate. 

If you ask me, I sincerely prefer the one at Jalan Besar. Probably one day I'd head back again to eat it. 

Sin Chie Toke Huan 
1018 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534756
Daily except Tuesday, 6pm onwards

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