Friday, July 19, 2013

Beauty: Bellabox for Month of July

My 6 months subscription has come to an end and unlikely, I'd be renewing it. In the beginning when I first receive my box in February, I was honestly really excited. As the month goes, my excitement reduce along the way. Perhaps sometimes the stuff that I get isn't really what I like and what would be useful for me. Nonetheless, I'm still happy to have received 6 months of subscription thanks to Michael. :)

Here's a quick shortcut for my previous months' entries: (I didn't post for February & March though)

So coming to July...
Here's the bellabox design for this month. 

Jane Tran Bobby Pin Set, $15 - Honestly, I wouldn't buy something like this for $15.

Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask, 50ml $94
This little bottle has high concentration of algae extract to revive that dry and tired face. Put this before sleeping and wake up to wrinkle-free, hydrated and nourished skin (I haven't tried it personally yet though)

Sage + Fasten Common Sense Eau De Parfum, 50ml $65
I tried this on and it has this alluring concoction of florals (orchid and lotus flowers) and fruity goodness (mango, peach and lychee) scent. It's sweet and nice, not too bad.

theBALM Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter/Shadow/Shimmer, $29 for 8.5g
Innocent honey-hued highlighter, slightly brownish.

Organix Shampoo & Conditioner, 385ML $15.90
A brand based in USA, haven't tried it yet but intending to.

They gave a national day special nail art!

Shall put these on during national day! :)

** Can't wait for national day parade!

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