Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fast food: Yellow Submarines @ Toa Payoh Central

Located really near Toa Payoh HUB and the MRT station, you will be able to find this relatively new fast food outlet, Yellow Submarines. 

I first knew about this place through my colleague, and so I made my way there one evening for dinner after work.

Right at the corner, the shop seems a little small at first but it's actually 2 stories high.

Their cute looking menu and great service staff at the counter. 

Here's an enlarged picture of their menu that I took from their website. (Credits to: here)

This is where you collect your food, grab your utensils and sauces. At the corner right is where the staircase is that leads you to level 2.

So they are having lunch time promotion now! Yayyyyy!

I wouldn't say it's exactly cheap... Cause you can get Macdonalds at half the price but then again, it's really not bad. 

Their supposedly all time favourite, beef with cheeeeeese.

Awesome chilled chicken with mango sauce. (According to the service crew, this is a healthier choice between both chickens)

I'm not a big fan of cheese fries though I love cheese, but this is good. Really. You should eat this before you finish your burger. I was kinda silly to eat my fries after my burger. :/ 

It's not a very big portion but I was quite full after the burger.

Here's my chicken, nicely sliced into 2 for easy sharing. (It comes this way, we didn't ask for special service)

Here's the beef with cheese and onions.

I was very satisfied with my chicken and the fries were awesome too. Definitely heading back another time for lunch since there's promotion! :)

Yellow Submarines is located at:
Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central 
#01-110 Singapore 310177

Their website: click me!

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