Thursday, July 11, 2013

Japanese: Koh Grill & Sushi Bar @ Wisma

Open up your google page and type "Shiok Maki" and you'd find tons of picture of the sushi. Just like everyone else who have heard "stories" about how awesome the sushi is, I've been wanting to dine here for the longest time. So I told myself, I must try this and I eventually finally did. 

We made reservations 1 week in advance because any later... we might not be able to reserve. Guess what? I'm so glad I listened to my friends to make reservations because the queue is just too scary. 

We made our way to the restaurant at about 6:50pm, slightly earlier then our reservation time 7:15pm. Below is the evidence of the queue if any of you are like me whom haven't seen it before.

This is how big the restaurant is. I reckon about 40/50 seating?

The queue goes on even longer behind. So damn glad we made reservations, really.

Flipping through the menu and here it is, Shiok Maki! $16.80 for 8 pieces of them. Heavenly combination of charcoal grilled eel wrapped with lightly roasted salmon. 

So we ordered a sashimi for sharing, one shiok maki, one crappy maki and one century egg maki. It was just right for 3 pax!

I am big fan of sashimi and definitely the biggest fan for Salmon. Really thick 3 slices of Salmon, Swordfish and Tuna. It's just too awesome. 

We had to wait for about 20-25 minutes before our shiok maki was served. Meanwhile we just chat up a little while waiting. We had to share a small table but I guess it's alot better then queuing outside. So you must reserve if you want to eat this within 30 minutes waiting time.

This is it, the legendary shiok maki is right infront of me. (Looking at it now makes me want to eat again, it's really just that awesome) when you open up your mouth to take your first bite... you can literally taste/smell the charcoal/smoked taste. It's just too good. Totally love the ebiko. 

Century Egg Maki (Pi Tan Maki) The appearance didn't really appeal me, probably because of the sauce colour but I must say it's not too bad. 

The last one is Soft Shell Crab Maki (Crappy Maki) This is my personal second favourite after Shiok Maki. It's a little spicy and the swordfish is just too awesome. You must try this too!

It's definitely worth the 30 minutes wait and I'm definitely going back again. I don't think I need to say anything else cause the pictures would be enough to entice you to try.

Located at:
#04-21, Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road
(Corner of Food Republic beside the Teppanyaki stall)

Tel: 9180 3805 (You can SMS to reserve, that's what the owner requested when I called)
Daily: 11.30am – 10.30pm

A good night with good company and sushi. 

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