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Travelogue: Taiwan Trip on 27 December 2012 to 1 January 2013 - Day Four, Fourth Day.

I'm back for day 4!

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First stop of the day, we went to 埔里酒廠 (I can't locate the address, so sorry :() Tried some beer ice
cream and instant noodles before heading off.

Here's our beer ice cream.

And some hungry boys with very very nice cup noodles. (Most of us are pretty wrapped up cause it's just too darn cold)

Next stop was 奇美博物馆 (Chi Mei Museum). No photographs was allowed in the entire museum so I can only show you the outside. In short, it's worth to go once to view the gallery of 1000s of items. Take the lift from the top level and travel down, it's really beautiful. Loads of paintings, statues and musical instruments.

I had intentionally taken out my lunch pictures because it's nothing fantastic plus it was at a restaurant in the middle of I have no idea where too.

So to the more interesting part of my day 4, we made a trip to 十鼓文化村 (Ten Drum Village). Honestly, this is one of the best tourist attract so far in this trip. The entire place was really huge and we spent about 2-3 hours here. We watched a 45 minutes performance in their theatre and proceed on to one of their "practice rooms" to try hands on simple drumming! I swear it was super fun!

When I saw this, immediately it reminded me of Allynn. Hahahahahaa.

While waiting for the drum performance...

And here for go for an awesome 45 minutes of drum performance!

After the performance, the tour guide led us to one of their practice rooms for some hands on!

Here's the guide and us having fun!

After which we took a tram ride to view some scenery. It was too cold for me to completely enjoy though.

Here's all of us!

We braved the wind and coldness for another shot before hiding back up in the warm bus.

Next stop... 台南孔庙

Well, they say if you're currently schooling then it's good to pray before leaving this temple.  (So I did too!)

We would suppose to go 花园夜市 but it was too too too crowded that we had to queue up just to get through the main entrance of the night market. Hence, we gave it a miss. We called the tour bus back and send us back to our hotel for the night at 日升大饭店 (Sunrise Hotel)

Again, I didn't take any photos for the hotel (I'm really regretting that cause I guess it's really what you readers rather know).

Since the night was early, we went to a nearby place for dinner.

It was cold so we all had Taiwan Beer :)

And we ordered 57 dishes, that was 5710NTD! (Couldn't take all the dishes because they were too hungry to wait for me to take pictures.)

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