Sunday, August 4, 2013

Symmetry @ Jalan Kubor

Photos credits to Kelvin Li my multi talented god-brother.

August is a really busy month for me because there's just too many birthday babies around! This time round for his birthday, we made a trip down to Symmetry. 

We all came from different places after work so we set to meet at the venue itself. I travelled from Braddell with a direct bus 157, and alighted at Golden Landmark somewhere at ophir street. Used the maps application on my iPhone to navigate myself to Symmetry. Symmetry is located at 9 Jalan Kubor. 

I walked some distance following the map direction and I ended up walking through Jalan Kubor but... it was the wrong side... While I was walking through the Jalan Kubor street, I realized left and right were grass patches, and to make things worst.... there were like hundreds of tombstones. I freaked out and called Kelvin to ask him how to go and then to realize... Jalan Kubor was separated by the road.. I was suppose to go right but I went left and that's how I ended walking up and down the street surrounded by tombstones. No wonder I got weird stares by those construction workers. Tsk, with a map and still get lost, how terrible with directions can I get.
Okay, enough of rattling. Here's some artistic shots Kelvin took.

Oh, I forgot to mention when I finally crossed back to the correct side of Jalan Kubor, I literally walk passed Symmetry and got lost, again. Seriously, I should pay more attention to details. I saw 8 opposite and I tried to find for 9, and I couldn't find it. I walked another big round and then finally walked back to where I started walking in from and realize I missed it right infront of me. Basically Symmetry is by the road side. It's the first restaurant on your left (assuming your back is facing the road) Indeed an 'adventure' for me that day.

A humble shop front that you can't even see the word Symmetry if you don't pay attention. (it's in the red box with white background)

The entire place is really dim. Not really suitable for big groups like 6-8pax. Suitable for 4 or 2. 

They have complimentary grapes while you order your dishes.

I thought it was cheese but nope, it's sugar!

We had too much free time because we reached at 7pm and Dennis reached at 7:45pm. Tsk.

Moscato, officially my favourite now. :)

After ordering our meals to kill some time we decided to give the birthday boy his advance birthday presents. Dennis effortlessly wrapped it up so nicely to ensure that there's zero damage to his air flown present. =.= (and that was his excuse for being late, tsk)

And he was a super happy boy that night!

These fries are too good. You MUST eat them. Truffle fries!

3 to share was just fine.

Birthday boy's 2 gifts from us. Steady tool from Gerber too

Impromptu tactical pen from Gerber.

Here's a symmetry salad in a fish bowl. Well, nothing fantastic, you could give it a miss actually.

Pork cheek pasta. Not too bad.

Duck leg, well... there's some weird taste according to Dennis so don't try if you're not feeling adventurous. 

Kelvin literally ignored my dish. I had symmetry hamburger, which wasn't fantastic in my opinion. (he said my burger was too boring, damn)

We tried this symmetry special, cold sake with original yakult. Honestly, it's not too bad, you should try it if you would like a drink.

It's a really nice place to chill, have a cozy gathering or a drink. The main dishes ain't too fantastic and I would say rather very pricey. I would go back again for their drinks and side dishes but definitely not the main dishes for dinner.

Our total bill was $280 for whatever that I've mentioned. Other then truffle fries and the drinks, I guess the rest weren't really worth it. Nonetheless I had a great time with both of them.

Here's a proper photo of us (but annoying cab at the back).

Happy birthday my awesome brother.
Stay irritating. 

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