Monday, September 2, 2013

2 years of your life

(Still my favourite picture of him)

2 years ago... I heard stories more stories about how tough going through this phase would be. Some say it's really long.. some say it's nothing much.. while some.. decide to drop out halfway. 


I didn't had too much in mind, just take it as it is. (though I have to admit I had my own over-thinking and worries but I'm blessed with my friends whom made everything better)

From the day he left early in the morning till he became botak, I was still in a little disbelief that... Hey, 2 years starts now. I still remember those days where texting became a luxury and when his training ended late and he couldn't even call. Calling me became a bonus

People used to tell me, "9pm must standby and wait for call" I thought I wouldn't do it but well, I did. Though it didn't lasted too long soon after 3 months was up and I was there with his parents and friends to watch him pass out. 

Soon, he was in his unit and it means counting down to I-don't-know-exactly-know-many-months started. I was lucky because he got posted somewhere near my place. So nights out were beneficial for us. 

Day by day.. month by month.. Friday, Sunday, Friday, Sunday.. it all became a routine. 

Suddenly, he had to go overseas. 

It was probably the longest ever we've been apart and each trip takes him further away. Probably add up together, you'd have a good 2 months of overseas.

Though it wasn't too hard because of internet and whatsapp but it wasn't exactly a breeze too.

And today, on this date, suddenly you got back what you lost for the past 2 years. I'm a little lost because it means we're into another phase of our lives. I don't know what lies ahead of us... but we're probably make it right.

Congratulations, 10 years starts now.

Oh, and just in case you forgot how you looked like 2 years ago, here's a reminder.



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