Monday, September 23, 2013

Cafe: Cups n Canvas

So this time it's Cups n Canvas for another #pepperminterfoodadventure! We went to this place on a sunny Saturday afternoon to have our brunch. 

They were located on the road side so we had a hard time deciding where to park. It was a Saturday and parking is usually a pain. We wanted to park at Wilkie Edge because it's $4/ per entry after 1:00pm but we were kinda early so we dropped the idea and parked further up where there was a open air car park. (Coupon style)

Took about a 5 minutes walk from the car park and we are here at Cups n Cavnas.

We were seated at this section which eventually became an art class at about 2:00pm. (I particularly like that penguin on the rack)

It was pretty empty when we reached at about 12:15pm, but it was fully packed at about 1:30pm. Furthermore when they have art class, half the section is closed, which makes it even smaller. Best to reserve if you're coming after 2:00pm to avoid disappointment.

I took a snapshot of the menu but you can find their entire menu here. (Prices are nett! Yay!)

Like Department of Caffeine it's a self service ordering system and you pay upon ordering.

Iced Vanilla Latte, $6.30

Iced Tea with Peach & Lychee, $5.80

Minty Chocolate, $6.80

This, is super nice. I'm a mint lover so this was really good. I would definitely drink this again should I return there.

Iced Mocha, $6.30

Eggs Benedict, $14.90 (With a cherry tomato stealer caught red handed)

For this portion, I would say it's worth it for the price I paid and further more, it was pretty good. Just minus the tomatoes. Hahahhahaa.

Burger, $10.90

Burger was kinda disappointing because of the portion. Nonetheless, it wasn't too bad but guess it wasn't really worth the price we paid for.

Cheesy Fries, $6.90 (Thanks Lionel & Allynn)

It was a large portion but a little too stingy on the portion of the cheese. The bottom was practically cheese-less. 

Blanc Bacon (Bacon & Mushroom), $15.90

Portion was good and it was tasty. Should try this.

A great place to chill out over a drink or brunch. A place worth a visit. Though I prefer The French Ladle's portion, pricing and taste but compared to Cups N Canvas, it's a little inaccessible.

Thanks Allynn for the recommendation to a new food adventure for me.

Cups N Canvas
139 Selegie Road
Singapore 188309

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