Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taiwan Food: Causeway Bay Taiwan Xiao Chi 铜锣湾台湾小吃

Before this Taiwan restaurant, it was a Hong Kong restaurant which I've also tried once and it was just normal. So again I returned to this same store space at Causeway Point (right beside popular) to try their Taiwan food. 

I'm a big big big big big fan of Taiwan. I totally love Taiwan and the food. I was kind of skeptical about this place because it was completely empty when I went for dinner at about 7pm but then again, empty doesn't always mean not nice. So I decided to give it a try.

Quite a thick menu so I was kinda lazy to take every page.

After flipping through, I decided to order some Si Chuan Spicy Noodles. (It wasn't too spicy, I could eat it without drinking water)

My mum ordered this San Bei Chicken (direct translate means 3 cup chicken)

It's quite a big set, if I'm not wrong it's about $17 or $18 for this. My mom complaint that the chicken tasted like pork. Lol!

The main dishes are.... Normal. Edible but nothing fantastic or 'wow'.

I totally love blackball and this, is a complete disappointment. I thought blackball was expensive because it was $5.40 now, it used to be $4.90. But this bloody plate was $7.50 and it tasted horrible.

Looks good? No. It's horrible, don't waste your money. Go get better desserts at blackball instead. 

I spent about $40 for everything shown here.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, ice water are charged at $0.70 (really? I thought $0.30 was the rate).

Well, you probably saw it coming, I won't have the urge to come back again.

No wonder the previous business closed down....

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