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Travelogue: Planning for my Korea Winter Trip in 2013 December

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If you're like me travelling to a cold country to experience winter for the first time, I totally understand how you feel. I was pretty lost in the beginning of what to buy and where to buy. Thankfully for my girlfriend whom has experience in travelling to cold countries, I got advises from her and went on to hunt for my apparels.

I've been to Taiwan for their winter but of course it's nothing compared to what I would be facing in another week or so. (Currently Korea is hitting almost zero or minus soon). I hope whatever that I'd be sharing would be useful for you if you are clueless like how I was in the beginning. 

As of today, Korea's at about 4degrees now. (The lowest I had in Taiwan was slightly 6-8degrees, and honestly I struggled a little to keep myself warm) I can't really take the cold so... I'm a little kiasu on this trip. I'm pretty sure my luggage would be over 10kg upon departure. 

I kind of regret not getting some winter clothes (like those awesomely pretty boots and coats and.... sigh.) in Taiwan the previous years I went (probably cause I never knew I would need em' for Korea so soon.) Nonetheless, I got most of my items shipped in from China and Korea from Qoo10. I had fun shopping for winter apparels though. 

Before I go into details of what I bought and would bring along with me... Here's my checklist to share based on what I felt like I needed/wanted. 

*Disclaimer: I bought my apparels based on my 10 days trip to Korea from 16 December 2013 to 25 December 2013. Hence, it might defer from what you might need or want.

  1. Non slip boots 
  2. Thermal wear aka long johns (I never wore this to Taiwan so this time it'd be the first time.)
  3. Heattech inner wear
  4. Fur leggings
  5. Fur gloves
  6. Wool tops
  7. Downjacket 
  8. Fleece turtle neck tops
  9. Thick socks for boots
  10. Sweatpants & hoodie for sleeping
  11. Bio-essence Bio Spring Water or Evian Facial Spray (it works the same for me)
  12. Others

Other usual stuff like towels... toiletries... I shall not go into that.


It was a tough choice to make while choosing this. Mainly, I was contemplating between Dr. Martens or Timberland. And eventually I made my choice with Dr. Martens.

Dr Martens 1460 Crazy Horse, 6 holes. 

For Timberland, you can check out their outlets at Changi City Point or IMM for discounted good boots too. Crocs and Winter Time do have those trendy looking of boots but I refuse to pay for the price stated. It's too expensive and... I guess we could probably get the same ones in Korea. So I'd leave on the shopping list.

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Awesome boots. Good grip and it prevented us from falling. Great buy!


I bought my first long john at Causeway Point when I chanced upon a sale by 'Winning' at the atrium. I paid $60 odd for a set of long johns. Honestly, it's so pricey! (I still got one because I had to.)

The sleeves are slightly short but I didn't wanted to take M just incase it becomes too bulky when I need to do my layering.

I don't really like the texture of the long john.. Somehow it feels a little itchy when I wear them but I'm not sure if it's because Singapore is too humid to wear this or it just me. I'd share how it feels when I wear it in Korea.

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I must say that even though they felt uncomfortable at first, it really does its job well. And because it was rather thin, it's pretty comfortable when I had to wear 3 layers on top of it. Worth the money I paid for.

Later on my girlfriend told me I should get more... So I decided to go for a cheaper option by searching it online and I found... IFashion Market on Qoo10 and a lot more others that sells longjohns online.

I got this in black for $21.90 with free shipping.

I got this in purple, it was under their promotion so this is a lot cheaper at $10.90 with free shipping.

I'm still waiting for the item to be shipped to me. I'd update this space when the item arrives.

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I received my long johns a few days ago but I didn't had the time to on my computer to do this update. So here I am with the actual pictures of the long johns.


Though this was slightly more expensive comparing with the other one that I bought, this is definitely a alot better then the one on promotion. I paid $21.90 for this and man, I must really say for China products, it's 一分钱,一分货. (You pay peanuts, you get monkeys). You can forget about the promotion one. 

Quite thick with comfortable fur inside. I bought size M and it's slightly loose but still fits.

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This does its job well too, just that because the inner fur was pretty thick, it made layering a little tough. Slightly too thick but it still kept me warm. The only boo-boo about it is that there's alot of 'leftover' fur balls (I don't really know the correct term to describe it) that got stucked to my wool tops and was kinda irritating.

Promotion item

So this is the super cheap $10.90 long john which.. actually doesn't look like the one in the picture. (notice the collar looks slightly different.)

It's not as thick as WNY-021 and there is a significant difference on the quality of material. It may be cheap but I guess it's be better to pay a little more to get better quality long johns. I'm not sure if this would keep me warm, I'd try and let you know.

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This doesn't really keep you warm for the -0 degrees in Seoul. I wore this while I was in Jeju with 5-7 degrees, it was fine. But same like the black longjohn, the fur kept falling off and it's very irritating.

Well, if you don't mind the hassle of having to roll tapes on your clothes to get rid of the furs you could buy it for your trips cause it's really cheap compared to the winning one. 


Needless to say, everyone knows about Uniqlo's heattech clothings. You can look at their full catalogue here. Or you could just head down to Uniqlo to do your retail shopping. 

I've bought camisoles, crew neck tee and leggings before with heattech to Taiwan last year... But it doesn't really work for me. Maybe I didn't wear it correctly and I was just freezing cold when it hit 8 degrees. I still believe it works because it worked for my family. I'm still bringing it along but probably to wear it underneath many other layers.


You can find at Winter Time plain black leggings for winter at $19.90 but I chose to venture online to get my leggings. Though it's risky because of the measurements, I went ahead with it and I'm pretty lucky so far all my buys mostly could fit me.

I was practically surfing the net everyday too look for the best deal and likewise the one with the highest positive reviews before I decided to order. After much consideration... Below are the 5 pairs I bought from a few sellers.

Mink Fur Flare Skirt Leggings

Probably one of my happiest buy was this Mink Fur Flare Skirt Leggings that I got from MD Pick on Qoo10. Shipping was $3 and the leggings was $16.99. Total I paid about $20 for this one. Though it's the most expensive legging I've bought online but it's definitely one of my favourite. The material is thick and super comfortable. I kind of regret not getting from this same seller and ventured out to others. By the way, this is shipping from Korea. Which I assume I might find similar ones over there. (And probably cheaper but it's okay, I can get more there and stock it up.)

This is how it looks on the website, and below let me show you how it looks when I got it. 

I swear this is totally worth your $20.

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This was really good, even though at -1 to -8 degrees you need a long john pants together with this but for anything that is 1-10 degrees, this works fine alone.

This next super thick fur leggings is the best buy for legging I have. I bought it from Travel In Style on Qoo10. I paid $15.40 for this with free shipping.

The picture promises a really really thick fur lining and is able to withstand winter. Though I had my doubts about it but I went ahead with it. Man, I'm glad I bought it because it's really very comfortable and no, the picture isn't lying. The thick fur is true. Below are the true pictures I took when it came.

Looks like a boring plain leggings right.

But it's really super comfortable. Everyone should just get this.

Yes, everyone should really just buy this. 

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I was pretty confident that this legging would be the best and yes, I still stand by it. It's good enough while I was in Seoul when the day was -1 to -3. Though when it drops to -5 and below I could feel the chills but it was bearable. It's very comfortable because of the thick fur and what I like more about it is I don't have to wear a long john pants inside. (wearing so many layers is very annoying, especially when I need the loo.) I would probably get another pair of these for my future trips. 

After getting those 2, I thought I would need more than just that since I'd be there for 10 days... I went on to look for other cheap deals. Well.. I would say... Never fall for cheap deals. It's really not that good and the sizing is a little off. 

I bought these 3 other leggings from the same seller FreeStyle from Qoo10 and they ship from China. I wouldn't say that I am super happy with my buys even though on the pictures they looks so pretty but when it came.. I was slightly disappointed with the sizing of it. 


I bought this in Blue at $12.80 size XL (which was supposedly able to fit my because I used the same measurements as I first bought my leggings from another seller that shipped in from Korea)

Here's how it looks online.

This for me is tight fitting and the hole at the bottom is quite small. Would be hard for me to do layering.

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This doesn't work if I don't wear a long john. So it wasn't really helpful in Seoul. I guess this would be good for temperature 10 - 20degrees.


I bought this at $9.80, in the design labelled J. This is free size according to the label.

Below is how it actually looks like.

The prints are as shown

This is definitely thicker then the jeans before this.

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This doesn't work if I don't wear a long john. So it wasn't really helpful in Seoul. I guess this would be good for temperature 10 - 20degrees.


I got this at $12.80 in Black and size XL.

Below is how it actually looks like.

The color is true to the picture.

It's... Not really thick at all. And this is slightly tight even thought he measurements for both DDK 25 and DDK 28 is about the same.
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I decided not to bring this along with me. It's too tight to do layering. Decided to sell this off.

I wouldn't get from the FreeStyle anymore even though they are cheaper and have more designs. I would definitely prefer to order from MD Pick and Travel In Style. Well, you get what you paid for. 

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I guess the only complain I would have is that all these leggings don't have pockets for my to keep my stuffs, and it's a little annoying. I guess jeans are better in the sense I have pockets. Hahaha but it was alright, just slightly irritated.


I bought my gloves from ITONYA from Qoo10 and I chose number 5. I paid $21.90 for the gloves and $6 for the shipping. Total $27.90

I went to Winter Time and saw similar gloves as these and they were only $20 plus. So if you don't wish to wait, you could go there to get it instead of ordering online and paying more for the shipping fees.

Here is how it looks when I got them.

Even though it was slightly more expensive as I could get similar ones at a cheaper price in Singapore, this is still good and comfy. I'm still happy with my buy. 

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Sadly, pretty but useless. My fingers were literally frozen even when I was wearing them. Probably you get those those with touch screen fingertips, a compartment that you can put hand warmer heat packs and best if it's thinsulate gloves.


I really enjoyed shopping for wool tops because given in Singapore I would never have a chance to wear them. I perspire way too easily and I don't even wear long sleeve in Singapore! I was totally spoilt for choice and it was a pain having to decide to settle for 5 when I like so many others. I was so tempted to get wool knitted dresses but I know I won't be able to wear them so I dropped the idea. (It shall be parked under the shopping list if it's cheaper in Korea)

Wool tops selling in those Travel Store, Winter Time and other similar chains are super expensive. A Wool top is probably $45 or more? I got mine on a average of $15-$18 with shipping.

I bought 3 wool tops from miss.dr from Qoo10 with all items on free shipping! (Buying 3 gives you free shipping)


I bought this in Liliac and the measurements fit my perfectly. Not to mention the materials were really good. And it's pretty thick. I paid $13.50 for this.

Here are the other colors for you to choose but I reckon you should take brighter colors in winter since most of the time your coats are in dull colors.

This is how it looks when I got it.

Close up of the material.


This is a slightly baggy piece, not very thick but the colors were too yummy to resist. There are tiny holes on the sweater so I don't think it helps to keep you warm. But, it's just too nice to resist. Hahahah. I got the design on the right of the picture for $15.90.

When it came, it looks just like the picture too.

It's more like an oversized swearter.

Here are the visible holes I mentioned.

Though it's not suitable for Korea.. I'm bringing it with me anyway! Hahhaa.


This is the last item I bought from the seller as above 2. I got the design in TO3 and I paid $15.90 for this too. It fits perfectly nicely and it's pretty thick too. No visible holes like TC1.

Here's the actual pictures of it.

I love the prints!

Close up material of it.

I bought some sweaters from the same seller FreeStyle from Qoo10. The material is thick so I guess it's more worth it then the leggings I got from this seller.


Since I already had a purple one, I bought beige this time round. I paid $12.50 for this. It fitted me well just that the beige was slightly dirty. 

This is the actual picture of it.

The dirty stains aren't that visible here though.

Thick material, just slightly dirty. So.. Not too bad.


Super cute rabbit print which is one of my happy buys too. I paid $13.40 for this in Khaki color.

This is the actual picture of it.

The printing is a little bad. Notice the half cut line in the middle?

Nonetheless, still happy with all the sweaters. But I would recommend the first seller if you want to get sweaters. But if you don't mind slight defects at a cheaper price, go ahead with the other.

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All the wool tops were good. Good buys!


There are seriously a lot, a lot, a lot of designs of down jackets online that are really cheap compared to those in store. Of course in stores you get the guarantee from the retailer owners of their quality and you too get to try them on. I got mine from kawaiikoya and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I bought it on sale at $39.90 with shipping of $4. Total I paid $43.90.

The actual picture as below.

It fits me perfectly fine and this is shipped in from Korea too. Seller stated that it would last 0 - 10 degrees. I'd try it out and see if it's true.

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Down jacket served me well for all 10 days. Braving the snow, rain, wind and cold!


I bought 2 fleece top from Uniqlo at $16.90 each.

The one of the left doesn't have heattech but the one on the right has. Both is extremely soft and comfortable.


There we so many online retailers selling thick socks for winter. I ordered from Nana Online Wholesale from Qoo10. One thing I loved the most of the speed of the delivery. I got it the very next day night when I ordered it on Sunday. It was so fast! I paid $8.90.

They come in prefixed 3 pairs for women.

Really thick and comfy and just nice length for my boots.

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These socks were prefectly comfortable while I was in Jeju because it was only 5-7 degrees. But it doesn't work when I was in Seoul where is was on average -1 everyday. I had to use a foot warmer heat pack to keep my toes alive.

Another alternative that you can find is at Daiso. $2 socks works just as well as recommended by my girlfriend. They have super yummy colors!

Thick and yummy color just for $2!
After getting both, I think the Daiso one would be as good too. But, I shall try them both and tell you when I come back.

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Well, useless under -1. Good for 10 degrees I guess.


I got a pre-loved sweat pants on Carousell for $10 because brand new ones are like almost $25. I thought since it's just for sleeping purposes, I didn't need a good one. Besides, the pre-loved one was in good condition. My hoodie was previously bought from Uniqlo too but not the thick fur ones, just the normal hoodie.


Whenever I travel overseas to a colder country, I would definitely get either one of these 2 brands with me. Trust me, it works superbly well. It really prevents my face from dehydrating.

Beside Singapore is always humid and 'wet' our faces probably can't get used to the dry weather, and so I always bring this along with me and spray once at my face every 3-4 hours to make sure my face doesn't start peeling or drying up.

You can get a bundle of these at $16.90 for 2 at SaSa, Watsons or Guardians.

You can get really small bottles of these at Mustafa at $2. (My girlfriend bought one for me over there, so that's how I knew)

12     OTHERS

Here are some other essentials that I would bring along for this trip.

Daiso Compressing Bag

This is a roll on kind of zip lock bag. Most of this bags need a vacuum to do the job but if you're overseas then it would be better to get this roll on kind.

Daiso Portable Deodorizer for Shoes

Just in case long hours with the boots my foot will stink! Hahahahha! 

Heat Packs

I bought this for $10 with 10 packets in a bag. The store assistant told me that it would last me 20 hours in the pocket. So I'm not sure if it's really true.

//edited 29.12.13 

They work well in the day but towards the night when the temperature dips below -3 it really doesn't do much help. It would be better if you get their local heat packs because it's really a lot better then the ones we have. Plus, you don't need to carry them over! :)

Only for $2 and you get 7 heat packs. It's super cheap compared to outside. I'm not sure how well it would fair, let me tell you when I come back.

//edited 29.12.13 

Honestly, useless in Seoul. It only works if you stick them on your shirt and don't remove your jacket at all. Once it's exposed to the cold, it's practically useless.

My girlfriend tried to use 3 packs together at once, well... that worked. But, really? You want your pocket full of heat packs? Hahaha.

Alcon Eyedrop

Suitable for contact lenses wearers too. And they come in friendly sizes for travelling use. 

//edited 29.12.13 

I thought my eyes would be really dry but I didn't even had to use this! 

Retractable Measuring Tape

I always bring measuring tape with me when I go overseas, it's like a must. I'm too lazy to try out on the spot so I always measure my clothes before I buy them. (Specially important for trips to Bangkok. Hahhaha.)

Exchange rate table

Maybe to most people using calculator to calculate is easier but for me I prefer to use this 'ready-made' currency table. I either put it as the wallpaper of my phone or I just print it and make it into wallet size.

To sum it up, basically this is how you should be wearing to prepare for winter.

Credits to girlfriend for the picture taken at Winter Time store.

I hope this entry has been useful for you. I'd update more about this trip when I come back! :)

*Prices at based on the point of purchase hence it may vary.

//edited 29.12.13 

I am consolidating my itinerary, pictures and recollecting my thoughts on this trip before I embark to pen them down. Hopefully I can post soon! 


  1. Even though I'm reading this more than half a year later, it's still super useful. Love the fact that you bothered to take pix and tell us all where to get the winter stuff. Just wanted to thank you and let you know that your efforts are appreciated! This definitely goes into my favourite bookmarks list!

    1. Hi Shirley, thank you so much for your feedback. Really happy it's useful for you :)

  2. Hi Ranielle!

    Your post is really useful! Thank you so much!

    May I ask, were you able to carry out activities as per normal or did the (super) cold weather restrict you from doing some activities?



    1. Hi Lee,

      Thanks for the compliments. For all the activities that we planned out we were able to achieve them. Just be in the real gear for winter and you'd be fine :)

  3. HI Ranielle,

    I will visit Seoul in end of January 2015, currently having a problem on choosing and buying men's winter wear with limited budget. From your posts, I saw that you bought some of the winter wears through online and some of them were China products. My question is may I know the China products you bought are truly reliable? Do you recommend me to buy online rather than expense more on the winter shops like Cosas United and Universal Traveller? Is that the price we pay is quite a large different with similar quality?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there,

      Those China products they are acceptable. In terms of keeping me warm, yes they did as promised. Some pointers to note is they might be slightly thicker compared to your "travel stores" ones that cost you at least 3 times the price. So if you're not fussy/picky about the design or thickness, then yes, those that I got online is good enough for you.

      Example of bad point would be when I removed the inner wear after a day, there's like "left over small furs" stucked to my body. It was okay for me cause all I had to do was to sweep it off and it's okay.

      I will be travelling to Korea and Taiwan soon and I'm intending to get more inner wear online, I will post about them when I'm done with the purchases too. This time is directly from Taobao :)

      From the webs, you get like $15/$20 per set. From the stores you get $30 (on discount) for a top, no bottoms. Full set is easily $60+ (with discount).

      Hope these helps.

  4. Hi Ranielle

    I happen to stumble upon your blog while trying to read up on going to Korea in December. I must say you are so detailed and comprehensive and I love the fact that you even include the links to where you buy your stuff! Thanks heaps! I have been procrastinating on planning our Korea trip for the family cos I simply do not know where to start :p

    May I know if I could PM you offline so that I can ask you things in detail ?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi there,

      Sure, you can drop me a mail :)

  5. Hi Ranielle,
    Thanks for such a detailed post! This is such useful info as I will be going to Korea around the same period as you did, and it is also my first time experiencing winter. I was wondering how many layers of clothing I should wear cos I am quite skinny and easily afraid of the cold? Would wearing regular leggings instead of long john bottoms under jeans be warm enough? And would other kinds of winter coats be ok in the cold besides down jackets? Would you recommend leather gloves for Seoul's kind of temperature? Regarding footwear, would you advise wearing such shoes (i put the url below cos I don't know what such shoes are called?)
    Sorry for so many questions as I am unsure what to pack/buy for the trip. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Cherie,

      You're most welcome. I'm glad this entry has helped you!

      Well for me, it was 3 layers on top, and 2 layers below at Seoul, and just 1 layer bottom at Jeju.
      Layering goes by Long john, wool top, down jacket + scarf (this is essential!) Bottom would be longjohn pants and a thicker leggings (the ones that I bought online)

      Regular leggings can't trap your heat. If you want, you could try Uniqlo's heattech leggings, those might work underneath your jeans.

      Leather gloves are fine, but get thinsulate leather gloves, they also come with touch screen finger tips, which you'd find them extremely useful.

      Under 5 degree, it's best for down jackets. Other trench coats won't be able to keep you warm and if you're especially afraid of the cold, better to have down jackets suitable up to -10 or -5 degrees.

      I've not worn skechers before but it's better to wear something it's slip proof. Remember to get thicker socks. You wouldn't feel good if your toes are freezing.

      Have a good trip! :)

    2. By the way,

      May I know where you got the currency conversion table from? It seems pretty useful! Thanks!

  6. I created it myself, if you would like, I can send you the excel copy. Drop me your email and I can forward it to you. :)

  7. This post is definitely useful for my upcoming trip to Korea! Can't express how appreciative I am! Thank you!

    1. Hi Poh Li,

      Thanks for your kind comments! Have a good trip!

  8. Hi Ranielle, making a trip in winter for the first time and you have no idea how thankful I am for this post! (: a couple of quick questions (I know you wrote ths a long time back but hoping you can help):

    1) are the leggings good on their own (or with thermal/heat tech layered under) without another pair of pants over them at 0-10 degrees? Hoping to wear some nice skirts instead of jeans.

    2) is it ok to replace woollen socks with those from the heat tech range?

    3) are woollen/fleece tops a must? Is it ok to layer over thermal/heat tech with long sleeved turtle neck cotton knits instead?

    Thanks so much once again (:

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      You're most welcome and I'm glad this was helping for you!

      1) When I was in Jeju, it was 7 degree with strong wind. Just the leggings was sufficient. (the super thick one) Yes, please go ahead and mix with your flare skirts!

      2) Woollen socks are ok. I would say good footwear and foot warmer will play a part. So if you have woollen, just wear those. (in any case, heattech doesn't work for everyone, somehow when I went taiwan with heattech leggings, I almost died when it was less than 10 degrees.)

      3) Any temp from 5 below, you should have a fleece. It works like magic. But if you're ranging from 5-10. Turtle cotton knits are ok. In any case, wrap up your neck, that's a important place to keep warm :)

      Hope it's helpful~!

  9. Hi Ranielle, thanks God that I read up your blog. Otherwise I will be freezed from death. You have given so detailed info. Surely will follow all useful info to prepare for my trip (20-31/12/14). A million thanks. :) Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley,

      You're most welcome! Have a enjoyable and warm trip! :)

  10. Hello Ranielle!
    I must have read a lot of blogs but this is the first time I'm compelled to write. Thanks for the details and review, its very kind of you. Would you mind sending me the excel sheet please? I can then tweak it to match the rate when I get my currency. :)

    Off to read about your Seoul trip now.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Poppy,

      Thank you! Sure I can send you, let me have your email please :)

  11. Hello Ranielle! Can I check how much did you spend in total?

    1. Hi there,

      Spend in total as in to the amount of things I've bought? If so, I spent about $600 for everything that I've posted on. Of which, the boots cost $209. Misc items from Daiso etc $20. So about $350 for all coat/thermal wear/leggings/gloves/socks/woolen tops.

      Hope this information helps.

  12. This is what I need, thank you for sharing :)

  13. Hi! Can I know if you wore your down jacket for all 10 days? Or you got extra? Is it cheaper to get in SG or KR?

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Yes, I wore it for 10 days. I only changed my inner wears like my wool top and longjohn.

      Korea stuff are not cheap. So if you're comparing my coat for this one I got, Korea is more expensive.

  14. hi, i have so many questions to ask you! i hope you're okay with cause i'm going to s.korea during winter for the first time too

    1) do you have any cheaper alternatives to your boots? can the doc martens withstand snow as well cause im going to a ski resort and im not sure what to wear :(

    2) how many layers did you usually use on a day to day basis?

    3) when you bought the sweaters, leggings and down jacket from qoo10, did u have to size up or down for anything?

    1. Hi Nadhirah,

      No worries about it, I will try my best to help!

      1) I don't know of any cheaper alternatives, but I guess Dr Marts would have different range, you could drop by and check out, no harm :) Yes, I went Nami Island and it was covered with snow. I had 4 hours of fun with the snow and my boots were still in good condition! Was good on Ice too.

      2) Everyday was 3 layers, longjohn, fleece top/wool top and Jacket!

      3) Usually better to size up for downjacket (due to layering) and sweaters are mostly free size (if you're UK6-10) leggings, normal size. Unless you want to layer LJ below, try to get a little bigger.

      Hope this helps!

    2. did u use you boots when you came back to singapore? cause i don't know whether i should invest on an expensive pair when i only can use during winter :/
      and i wanted to buy the leggings that you bought but it was sold out ha ha the free size ones seems too small
      but thanks for helping!

    3. Hi Nadhirah,

      Yes I did wear a couple of times. Actually alot of people wear boots in town, so don't worry about it. :) I am getting more leggings from other websites as I will be traveling again in December. I'd share them soon :)

  15. Hi,

    Thank you for such a comprehensive review. I will be going to Seoul and Jeju this Dec. As this is my 1st winter trip, I am quite confused with the different advices I heard. Hope to get some help here.

    For tops, would those turtleneck heattech fleece from uniqlo suffice together with long johns + downjacket?

    Would it get too warm with long johns when we go indoors?

    For bottoms, is it warm enough to wear normal leggings with jeans? Or is it better to wear long johns instead of leggings?

    Is it ok to wear normal track shoes with thick wool socks? Or would you advise to wear boots?

    Thanks a million!

    1. Hi,

      Yes, tops with fleece from uniqlo are not bad. So long you have good lohn john and downjacket, the fleece would be suffice.

      When you go indoors, you'd more likely enjoy the warm then find it too humid. After you remove your down jacket, you should be feeling alright. In any case, the cold will 'sip' in somehow so don't worry about it being a sauna or something.

      Better with longjohns.

      More importantly is that your track shoes should be waterproof (if it snows, then your shoe might get wet.) and plus make sure the sole is able to grip the icy grounds (if any). Boots generally higher cut, so they can protect more of your feet. Else if you really dont want to spend too much, getting a feet warmer heat pack would help the cold.

  16. hello. i will be going to Korea this December and i'm still not sure about some things.
    1) in Seoul, do they sell heat packs easily?
    2) may i know, approximately, how much did you bring for this trip?
    3) do you think boots with a 2-3" heels will be alright for Korea?
    4) did you manage to bargain at Ehwa/Dongademun/Myeongdong? is it better to buy at the first shop or walk around first to see other shops which sells similar apparel but at a lower price?
    hope you will reply soon and thank you! :)

    1. Hi Julia,

      1) I only saw heat packs in big shopping malls, but they're not very cheap.
      2) I brought along $1,000 SGD and it was sufficient for no major shopping hauls.
      3) I wouldn't recommend unless you are very very used to wearing heels. The road/pathway in Korea isn't flat ground all the time, you'd find yourself climbing up and down again and there's alot of walking to do. Bring along something else to change if you still want to try your 2-3" heels.
      4) I didn't get to buy any clothes there because it was all winter wear. Sorry bout this, can't help on this point.

      But you're right, clothes are similar around these places, so walk around first, you might get the best deal after a few shops. :)

      In any case, I got a leather jacket from F21 in Korea, it was pretty decent, $40SGD only.

      Hope all these help, and remember to grab longjohns for the cold!

  17. Hi.can I check with you?as I going korea on mid jan. Is long john and thermal wear the same.can I wear uniqlo heattect extra warm with fleece top and one down jacket?? Den for bottom just the thick leggings.will it be very cold??

    1. Hi,

      Mid January would be colder then December, hence you should consider to wrap up more if you're afraid of the cold.

  18. Hihi

    How many set did u bring for ur korea trip? Im flying this sat.. I tried vaccum packed but still my luggage look fulled..

    1. Hi there,

      I bought 5 sets of wool top, that I rotate and wore them. Since it was so cold I didn't perspire so I just air them every night. Ljs I have 3 sets to rotate as well. Bottoms I had 5 too. Another set of PJ for the night, and 3 fleece tops. My luggage was 28" and I rolled my clothes into the ziplock before vacuum sealing them.

    2. Decided to repack n it look better now. . Thanks for replying. Flying off tonight. Hehe

  19. Hi Ranielle,

    Thanks a lot for sharing!😊 Good thing I found and read your blog. It's super duper helpful as my friends and I are scheduled for Korea Nov end 'til 1st week of December.

    If it's not too much, could you share to us your itinerary or suggested places to visit? Thanks a bunch again! 😊


    1. Hi Haze, glad this post was of use for you! :)

      Sure, drop me a mail at I can email you some information :)

  20. Hi Ranielle,
    I'll be going to korea, Seoul late feb to early march. Just a couple of questions to ask you:)

    1. You mentioned the $19.90 leggings in Winter Time. Have you worn it during winter? Do you think together with long johns and the leggings they're good enough?

    2. Do you know anymore places selling thick black leggings? except for online stores?

    3. Did you wear contacts in Korea? was it uncomfortable or any different from Singapore? Any specific method to do during winter about your contacts? (Sorry:/ I'm a beginner)

    4. Any must buys in Korea? For friends, family or even for yourself?

    Lastly thanks a lot for sharing, love your detailed post!!

    1. Hi there, Sorry for the delayed response as I just came back from Korea.

      1. I didn't get leggings from Winter Time so I can't tell you if it's good. But for whatever I had bought online it served me well. And even for the ones I bought in my Taobao entry, those are equally good for my recent trip. In any case, with a long john below it should be fine but better to have inner fur leggings, not the normal ones.

      2. Not that I know of. :(

      3. Yes I wore contacts in Korea. Some might find it dry to the eyes, just bring some eye drops, those easily disposable 1 day per tube kind. It wasn't uncomfortable for me, I didn't needed the drops. It was like as per normal :) Try Tears Naturale Free, the one I showed it helps.

      4. Perhaps if you have itinerary planned to go seaweed/greentea (jeju)/kimchi farm or their factory you can get those. Usually from factory are nicer and fresher. Other then that it's really just facial products like mask cause it's dirtcheap there. If you're feeling rich, then probably Ginseng.

      Don't mention it! If you need quick responses, just drop me a mail :) Have a happy and safe trip!

  21. Hi Ranielle,
    would a pair of leggings and long johns be enough for early march in seoul?

    1. Hi there, Sorry for the delayed response as I just came back from Korea. Yes, infact just a thick pair of legging is sufficient in Seoul in March. Now the daily temperature ranges about -3 to about 8/9 in the day. It's quite alright.

  22. Hi Ranielle, I'm Lin appreciate a lot on yr extensive advice to Korea during winter time. I'll be going there this early Dec 2015 around 11 till 16, do u think it will be really bitter cold n snowing heavily ?

    1. Hi Lin!

      You're most welcome.

      It would be probably just bitter cold. Won't be snowing heavily. If you're lucky maybe you might get to see light snowing in Seoul :)

  23. Hi,

    Just wanted to ask where you got your Dr Martens boots from? And thank you for this post, it's really informative. :)

    1. I got it from Orchard Central boutique :)

      You're most welcome and I'm glad it was helpful.

  24. I'm going there this 1st week of December, will it be cold by then?

    1. Yes it will be. According to weather websites, it's gonna be 6 to -4 degrees. Seoul has lesser wind as compared to Jeju though.

  25. Hi, is it windy during Dec period, as will be going on 19th to 29th Dec. As heard from my friend need to wear a mask as afraid face or lips will freeze or crack....

    btw your info is very useful.......

    1. Hey Don! yes you should listen to your friend as it's true my nose actually bled because it was too cold for me and my lips didn't crack because I had lipbalms on all the time. I smacked on alot of moisturizer before i sleep, before i leave the apartment and throughout the day i will spray moisturizer too! A mask would be good for you, but I didnt wear cause my make up will be all stained on the mask hahahaha.

      Thank you very much and hope you enjoy the cold! :)

  26. Great tips, thanks, I've been reading several of your posts about Korea, what you think the wether would be in early november, and waht should we wear. Goona be our first time in Korea and we plan to spend 2 days in Jeju Island. We arrive on 2nd of november and leave back to Spain on 9th (early in the morning), do you suggest to spend 5 days in Seul and 2 in Jeju?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Wolf, you're welcome!

      It would be colder in Jeju than Seoul because of the wind chills. Jeju is really really windy. Checked the weather forecast online, Jeju's about 19-13 on the dates you'd be there but keep in mind of the wind chills. Probably a good long john with jacket should do the trick.

      Jeju is very late back, plenty of scenery and awesome seafood. I enjoyed Jeju a lot. First time in Korea, 5 days in Seoul should cover major tourist spots. Traveling in Seoul is much more convenient than Jeju. Jeju it's best to get a driver and the whole day will be fruitful. You could engage the same Jeju driver I had. Great photographer and tourguide. Speaks good English too.

  27. Hi there!
    I stumbled upon your blog when I was googling about winter wear. Thanks for all your advices and tips! (:
    Just a question here, if I would want to get a really good down jacket that is good for temperatures below 10 and even sub-zero, would you advice me to get it online or in Korea? Do you know how much it would roughly cost in Korea?
    Thank you! ^^

    Jia Xuan

    1. Sorry bout it, your comment accidentally went into the spam section.

      Not sure if you still need this though cause it's been a month :(

      Korea clothings can be expensive but trendy and the good thing is you get to try. But then again, you need to wear something over first right? Hahaha, Korea pricing I'm not too sure bout it.

  28. Hi Ranielle,

    As I was searching for what to wear during winter in Seoul, I came across your blog. I'm planning to go to Seoul this Christmas about 6 days.

    Is there any way I can contact you as I want to ask more detail regarding winter wear. If you don't mind could you also please share your itinerary?



    1. Hey, you can contact me at
      My itinerary is also on my blog, you can find the link here

  29. Hi my family and I will be travelling soon in S.Korea by Dec26-29, 2016 for the first time.
    Please advise on what to do and not to? With regards to clothes to wear I already go over your blog and it is quite helpful.
    More Power,

    1. Hi Tess,

      Apologies for the late response! I can't really think of any to do, and not to in Korea. Korea is quite a tourist friendly place, so not to be too worried about it!

  30. HI Ranielle
    This was excellent informative thread. Appreciate your time and effort
    i was scheduled for 1 week business trip to Seol,Jeju during first week of december . I am planning to wear jeans, cotton pants complimented with boots,Cashmere Cable Crew Neck Sweater as second layer, Full sweat hoodie as the third layer(not really interested to invest down jackets )Heatech Knitted cap and scarf. Can you suggest is this good enough to handle the December Korean winter?
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions


    1. Hi Sreevz!

      Thank you, and I'm glad it was helpful for you! It should be fine for what you have planned out to be. Just be informed that Jeju is really windy so down jackets could be a little more useful but then again you're heading there for work. So I guess you'd be mostly indoors which means that'd be fine! Maybe some heat pack would come in handy. :)

  31. Hi! I came across your really detailed and useful post on here and I'm very curious about some things. I'm going to Korea at the end of feb 2017 to early march... will it be really cold? Do I still need a really thick down jacket? The jackets here in SG are pretty expensive and I'm not sure whether I'd be going to any country during winter again hence I'm not sure if I should splurge. I hope you can let me know roughly what I should be wearing aka the layering if possible! I would really appreciate it :) Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Brenda,
      I'd probably be heading there in late March too! Hopefully we can catch a glimpse of the cherry blossoms!

      If we trust the weather websites, it would be still quite chilly so it would be good to have a downjacket. Uniqlo would be a good choice! Else, if you don't want to spend so much, you can try buying from taobao. Some are really good price and works well!

      Have a longjohn at the inner layer, add a fleece top, you can add a wool top if you're really that afraid of the cold, have a scarf, best if made of cashmere, beanie/hat, eat muffs and pants would be longjohn bottom and jeans or else you can get leggings with fur from taobao!

      Hope these helps :)

    2. Hey Ranielle,

      Don't worry bout the late reply :) you've been really helpful!
      Yes! I'm hoping to see cherry blossoms but I'm more excited to snowboard!!! Haha thanks for the advice! I've been really stressed about what I should be wearing haha. Another qn.. The material for the down jacket, does it need to be like those Uniqlo is selling or parka material is fine? 😅

      Anyway, hope you'll enjoy your trip in march! Heh

    3. You're most welcome! Parka can.... but your inner wear must be strong enough!

  32. Reading this in 2017 and really helped me after 3 days of contemplating what to wear for Korea... Thank you!^^

  33. Hi Ranielle, good day! Your posts really are helpful!
    Thank you so much for this complete information plus pictures ^^

    This is my first time experiencing winter.
    I'm going to Korea this January 9 to 15th, it's a tour, soon after we reached there, we'll be going to Nami Island. People says that it's really cold there, and some says that we don't need to bring outer coats from home, we could purchase in korea to save our luggage. But, may i know your opinion?

    And for sleepwear, does normal sweatpants & hoodie for sleeping be enough? I'm afraid that it will be colder at night, even indoor.

    Oh, and for digital camera, do you have any experience and tips with it during winter?

    I thank you in advance for reading and replying this comment! ^^ Have a good day

    1. Hi Diana, glad this post was of help to you!

      Since you're going on a tour and won't have much self exploration time, it would be best if you bring along your own winter wear. Nami Island would feel the same as Seoul just that perhaps the wind is stronger since there's not high rise buildings surrounding it.

      Usually hotels or airbnb would have heater in the house so I wore my usuals in Singapore to sleep and it's fine.

      Camreas are fine, nothing much to take note about.