Wednesday, January 29, 2014

海底捞 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot @ Clarke Quay

I've heard of this place from many friends saying that the service and food is awesome. So here I am myself to experience whatever I was told.

It was a Saturday night and Clarke Quay is as lively as always.

I met with my dinner dates for the night and started to fold some cranes together. They had came at least an hour earlier then me to queue as the reservation was already full when they tried to reserve. In total, the queuing time was almost 3 hours before we got to eat at 9pm.

//Thank you Michelle, Joyce, Hong Kai & Hui Bin for queuing up, the surprise and everything that night!

We decided to fold the cranes before 30 cranes = free 1 $6 dish and 60 cranes = free 2 $6 dish. (any vegetable dish)

I'm quite sure everyone would have known about their free manicure, free fruits and drinks served while waiting for your turn. Seats, games are all provided and there's 'free music' because Shuffle is just right beside. (I even heard Ashton singing that night). So I don't have to go into details.

Michelle taught all of us how to fold the cranes and so we started diligently folding them till we had 60 of them.

For 6 people, it was a small table.

Joyce & Hui Bin focusing on folding the cranes...

Here's a shot of me and Michelle. (While taking a break from the folding)

And ta-dah! We earned our 2 dishes free!

Shortly after we were done with the folding, it was our turn to eat!

It is super big but still super long queue!

We had chicken and sichuan ma la soup. (we kinda regret the ma la soup because the pepper was disgusting so we ended up eating the chicken soup only)

And so I ordered this so that I could see the 'live' performance! It's $3 for 1 portion.

Here's the sauce bar that you can mix and match your own preferred sauce. Each person is to pay $4 for this.

$8 for this plate of fishballs

Favourite mushroom of my life! $6 for each portion. We ordered like 4 portions. 

Super awesomely nice black pork that we ordered 3 portions at $12 each.

My self made sauce with oyster sauce, peanuts, spring onions, garlic and... some chili sauce that I can't remember. But it was awesome!

Pork balls with strong ginger taste, half potion at $5.

Chicken slices at $10.

Pork belly 2 portions at $14 each.

Fried rice at $3 each bowl. (Nothing fantastic but we ordered cause... we needed rice. Hahahaha.)

The total bill amounted to $215.39 for 6 pax which was reasonable because we did not order any seafood. Definitely will go back again cause the service is really awesome. 

I went there for my birthday celebration and the staff gave me a 'present' upon knowing it was my birthday.

Totally didn't expect this though, thanks 海底捞!

Expensive but definitely worth paying for the service rendered. 


#02-04 Clarke Quay
 3D River Valley Road
Singapore 179023

Opening hours: 
Daily 10:30 to 03:00

65 6337 8626/6337 8627

Social Media: 

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