Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hong Heng Beef Noodle Soup & Laksa

Here's another good place for lunch! Located at the neighbourhood area of Ang Mo Kio, you will be able to find this decent Beef Noodles & Laksa.

This is yet another new found love that my bosses brought me to for lunch. Thank goodness my 'mothers' in the offices are foodies too!

I went on 2 occasions, one on the weekday noon, and another was on a weekend on. Both occasions were just slightly 3-4 people in queue so you need no worry about long queues. Plenty of parking space and seats too.

$6 bowl of goodness.

The smallest bowl of beef noodles will cost you $4. We made a special order to have $6 worth of beef but just $4 worth of noodles. Which was a good idea because the beef was the main point not the noodles! Oh, and the soup was ultra delicious even though it probably has got tons of MSG inside. Hahahahhaa.

$4 Laska

Which I honestly think that this is nothing fantastic and you could probably give it a miss. I barely had 3 mouthfuls and stopped eating it all together. 

If you're around this area and you need a quick fix for a good decent lunch, here's where you could head to.


233 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Singapore 560233

Opening hours: 
Tues - Sun 
Closed on Mondays

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