Saturday, January 14, 2012

A fresh new beginning

Tomorrow would be one of the fresh new start for me. I shall keep it a secret till it's time to be revealed. I hope everything goes well for me and it'd be something that needs alot of perseverance and I hope I can do it. 

Tomorrow my BFF Allynn would be flying off with Pei Shan to Bangkok. Please have a good weather, no riot, no flood, no rain, no sun just cloudy and windy weather for my beloved girlfriend to have a great shopping trip.

It'd be last day of work for Eileen! Jiayou my beloved!

My boy got his posting today. I hope everyone whom got theirs today are happy with what they got. Maybe it was the best that we could wish for but at the very least we are all happy with the outcome. Jiayou my love, you'd be a good soldier. Be it what comes, we'd find a way together. 

Till then, I'd update about my Batam trip, pretty soon.

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