Monday, February 6, 2012

Still here

So quickly, it's already the last day of CNY today. And look, we're already in February 2012. January 2012 just went by with a blink of an eye. 2012 has been good to me so far except that now I have rashes all over my face. (I'm really depressed about this.)

I tried out a new product for scrubbing my dead skin off my face and it wasn't too bad. Nothing happened to me after about 2-3 weeks of regular using. Suddenly one day I decided to be itchy hand and use my water mask after scrubbing and.... well, I got myself into some deep shit. I have rashes all over my face and I'm as good as disfigured. *insert major upsets* It's been about close to 4 days but my skin has yet to recover. It's damn itchy and I have no choice but to keep slapping myself to ease the itch. So people, don't anyhow combine facial products or you'd end up like me. *major boo*

The weekend this week was awesome as I accomplished quite a couple of stuff. Boyfriend finally got to book out even though he had guard duty (currently doing) so he had to book in on Saturday night. *major upset again* He came over to "bai nian" with my mom (finally) and then we had steamboat together. (I think I ate more than 6 times steam boat this CNY). Caught Underworld; Awakening with my Bro & Boyfriend at Yishun GV. The show is 88 minutes long and it's a fucking awesome show. You have got to watch it. (But it's kind of gore). Met up with the lovely clique at 925 and we had our dinner there. 

Hitched a ride from Zhi Hong and they all came over my house. Thank you to Eileen, Allynn, Zhi Hong, Lionel, Dennis, Chris, Keith, Pei Shan and Wei Li for lightening up the spirit in my house together with me, Bro, Mom and Michael. We had a great gambling night and thanks for finishing up the CNY goodies! 

We lou-hei-ed together at about 9 plus, (sadly that Chris had to book in before 9pm hence he wasn't able to join us). This year I think I lou-hei-ed about 6-7 times too. (confirm huat this year.) 

The night ended slightly before 1:30am. It was really an awesome night. Best CNY night so far. Let's do it every year! 


Day 2 of gambling resumed at my aunt's place together with my MFOB classmates. Woke up earlier to complete my discussion board for FA and OB. Hitched a ride from my brother to AMK Hub and then hitched another ride to my aunt's place together with Ashton, Helen and Yong Kang. (been hitching rides recently) 

BJ 21 again but this time round slightly lower stake. :O Friendly game. Heh!

Delifrance snacks for lunch and KFC delivery for dinner. We wanted to order popeyes but they say they don't deliver fries (same for KFC). Stupid idea so we dropped it and ordered KFC instead. The fruitful night ended with my uncle sending us back (see another hitched ride). Thank you uncle! :3

Came back home and touched on my FA GBA! Finally am doing my project before the first draft deadline on the 9 February 2012. 

Oh yeah, I'm officially studying, and working. And it really sucks. So trips will be sacrificed to make more time for work and studies. May I save up alot in 2012 and by 2015 I'd be able to graduate as a degree holder! Whooots!

Okay, it's time to sleep now. Shall stop blabbering. Good nights!


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