Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mid week crisis

Last week of March seems to be pretty alright. Didn't realize that today was already Wednesday until I looked at my calendar and saw the note I circled that I'd be meeting up with my girls at night. 

Work has been really busy, never seem to be resting or taking a break at work. Exams are also round the corner in May. Hopefully I'd be able to score well and or at least pass my modules and advance to the next one. *cross fingers*

Long weekend for me because I've got morning class at uniSIM. (Just remembered I have class tomorrow too.) then after that I have keyboard class in the noon and then after that I'd have to attend some gathering at Mic's place. Sunday shall be another mugging day for me though. :(

Shan't waste more time and till then.... 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Been away.

Looks like I broke my 'promise' to myself that I'd try to keep this space as actively as possible but unfortunately it seems to be that I'm back to square one again. Haven't got anything interesting recently to post just that I have tons of assignments and projects to complete. Exams coming in May and... I've not even start revision at all. Time's running short and I can't procrastinate too much.

Major events coming up are likely... my BFF Eileen would be heading to Korea for 6 weeks. :( Mixed feelings much. It's like I'm happy for her to go there for an exchange but it's 6 freaking weeks over there. We chat almost everyday and now.. maybe only at certain timing. Well, I still wish her all the best and be safe! <3!

Mom's heading to Australia and I can't go. :( If only I didn't had exams then I would probably save up for the 8 days trip to visit my cousins whose over there. The last time I went Australia was way back when I was just 11. Miss the relaxed and slow pace there. Oh well, added it on my must travel list! Hopefully inbetween this period my brother doesn't fly overseas. Else.... I'd be home alone again. Pfffft.

Mic bought his 2nd car just recently. Rather different then the previous one though. Suzuki Swift, OPC car. Hmm.. So it's time for my to finally stop procrastinating and take my license. May I not have butter legs and hands!

Another thing that I've been procrastinating a-lot is work. Well, not safe to disclose though.

Alright, it's getting late. I shall finish up my question and head to bed.

I hope I have more time to update this personal space. And yes, I've been handicapped without a camera for months now. I'm surprised I'm surviving, fine.