Thursday, May 31, 2012

2 more days...

Time really flies when you're 'enjoying'. You can say that I'm savouring this time now that I have left though it's not actually happy everyday. I try not to be too bothered about her tricks but unfortunately sometimes it gets on my nerves. I've ought to learn to control this nasty temper of mine and it'd definitely do me good. 

Busy schedule for this coming week at work. Breakfast with mid boss tomorrow. Lunch with another colleague. Friday's lunch with my own boss and that marks my end of the journey. Though I miss my colleagues alot, but I guess it's no point dwelling about this anymore. 

I'd post up their pictures and make a folder all these memories inside, all my happy memories. 

Alright.. It's getting pretty late. And I'm very tired. Good nights world.

Oh, and happy birthday to my BFF's mom. May she be youthful and happy always. 

Good nights y'all!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Humans are selfish

Finally, my exams are officially over and I believe today was the last day of examination for most of my schoolmates. And, today's the first day of Great Singapore Sales! *double hoorays!*

My life have been.....

Wake up -> Eat -> Shit -> Work -> Home -> Study -> Eat again -> Shit again -> Study again -> Sleep

Basically it was this boring routine for the past 1 month when I was preparing for my exams in May. Now that it's over, it's time to have some fun before the next school term starts and the cycle repeats again. Assignments, lectures...... so on.

So today marks 5 working days left before I officially leave my current workplace. It's kinda of mixed feeling right now because I'm getting pissed off every single day by the same person over 3456767283462873657325 different thing but at the same time I'm cherishing every moment I have with the colleagues I love, and will miss when they're gone. More like when I'm gone.


Meet up with my BFFs today, (like finally.) Thanks for making the effort to meet up often to keep our friendship strong!

Went ahead with Skinny Pizza today @ Wheelock. The food is not bad, would give a rating 8/10. But perhaps a little tad too pricey. We had 2 pizzas, 1 pasta and 1 dessert. Total damage was $90/- nett. So each about... $30? But I was so full till I felt like puking. Hahaha.

Great companion, great meet up and I had a great time laughing my ass off. Laughed till my mouth cramped and my stomach couldn't take the tension. Nonetheless, thanks for the awesome night babes. Loveeeeeeee!

And here's a picture of us, ending the night.

Good nights everyone.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Made my first step

I am suppose to be studying right now but.... I guess I'd take it easy for awhile. It was my routine for a month ago since beginning of April to work, then come back home and write notes/study. Now that I'm 2 papers away from freedom. I'm getting slightly slacked off. Which isn't exactly good.

Really want to extend my appreciated thanks to my BFFs whom has always been there, encouraging, nagging, shoo-ing me to study. Not forgetting my awesome colleagues whom are understanding towards my 'lack of focus' at work at times during this period. Momsy whom has always been cooking delicious dinners and waking up with me as early as 6am just to prepare my breakfast before I go for my exams. For friends whom sent me well wishes, I here thank you for all the good luck you have given me because so far I think I'm pretty lucky. Whatever I study will usually come out. I hope this lucky strike continues and I'd be able to pass all my papers smoothly and proceed to semester 2.

Of course, leaving the best for the last; my boyfriend. Even though we're 'so near yet so far' (because his camp is at Khatib) but recently with all the up-coming trainings/outfields and guard duties(not saying it's alot but he used to be more free then now) we don't meet as often but I'm really thankful for your tolerance at my unreasonable temper at times. (okay, alot of times) Fetching me where-ever possible and giving me as much 'air-time' possible. The up coming months will be tough for you, and I'm sure you'd push on. Do well for your course and your overseas trips okay!


I really can't wait for 24th May to come. Because it marks the end of my exams and.... hooray! It's exam-less and school-less till July! Whoooooo! But before that I'd have to go through slightly bad hell because I've made my first step into leaving my current place. Ain't naming names till I'm all settled down.

Alright, having bitchy issues with my phone and it's pissing me off. Sigh, time to pay Singtel a visit, again.

Till then.